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Candy and Iron
April 29, 2008, 3:59 pm
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I officially no longer have a telephone in the shop. Sick of the ringing I am. Well, I do still have one but it’s unplugged and it’s going to stay that way.  If you have a phone and you answer it maybe three times a month it kind of ceases to be a phone, right? Really it’s just an object that makes an annoying sound. All day long. Like a malfunctioning smoke alarm or a baby. Why listen to that if you don’t have to?

Now I have to find a new form of exercise because my previous regimine consisted of getting up to look at the caller ID when the phone rang and then not answering it.

In other news, it is winter here again. Since late last week or so. My fortitude and sense of denial is no match for the rest of the folks downtown who refuse to put their winter coats back on. I bet they planted stuff outside too. Optimism. That’s what keeps the nurseries in bidness and the sales of cold remedies up. I’m such an old lady. Put on your coat, young man!

So, anyway, I ain’t been up to much this week. Yesterday I made some cute baby fish:

tiny fish!

I put some of them on Etsy today. That’s about all I did today besides wear my winter coat and unplug the phone.

I guess I’d be remiss if I did not mention that today is my and Don’s sixth wedding anniversary. It started out as an opportunity for free dental insurance and became so much more. While searching for something bloggable to say about this event, I was delighted to find this tableof traditional and modern anniversary gifts. Do you see what it says under ‘sixth’? Candy and iron? Those are practically my two favorite things! And then, if you click on ‘candy and iron’ you find specific recommended gifts such as a branding iron for steaks. WTF? No one, and I mean NO ONE but me is going to want a personalized steak brand for their anniversary. We eat steak, like, never but I’m sure it would work on other stuff…pancakes or something. I’m kind of bummed now that I didn’t research this earlier and insist on a gift. Oh! I see the brand comes up again for the tenth anniversary so there’s still time. It must really be popular.

But back to me and Don. Our friend Rick said the other day that the people you love the most are the ones who don’t hassle you. That’s something I’ve  understood in the back of my mind but never really thought about. Don never hassles me and that’s why I like him so much. And I try not to hassle him. It’s a good thing, too, because I can’t get that steak brand unless we make it to our tenth anniversary.



Recent Developments
April 24, 2008, 3:36 pm
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creepy easter

I didn’t have a photo relevant to anything I plan to talk about so I’m using this one I took at East Town mall around Easter time. Those rabbits were all automated in some way to make them look like they were working at something…sawing a giant carrot or whatever. It was kind of nightmarish. A Santa-like incarnation of the Easter Bunny was there too, asking kids what they wanted for Easter? It’s funny, I remember sitting on a similar Easter Bunny’s lap in a mall when I was a kid but I don’t remember what I talked about. Yikes!Since it was in a mall it must have had to do with buying stuff but…do they really ask kids what they want for Easter? I bet having children of your own would help you to answer questions you have about your own childhood. That’s a theory that’s going to go untested with me, but, if I had one I could mike ’em up and send them off to talk to the rabbit. One less memory for me to figure out.

Boy, I sure didn’t mean to talk about that. What I really wanted to say is that on Monday, Don shaved his beard all the way off. Just like that. All or nothing. I’ve been spending a lot of time staring at him, watching him eat and form words without the hair barrier. It’s pretty fascinating to me but I think all the staring is making him nervous.

Since listing is practically free, I’ve been listing this, that and the other thing in the Etsy STORE. Some of it’s newer stuff that I’m making because I feel like making it–big ring looking beads and what have you. It’s very relaxing knowing that there’s not a bunch of fees going down the toilet if something doesn’t sell. Sure, you still have to worry about it selling, but, one worry is better than two. Etsy is improving my mental health in many ways. Of course the daily fortune is still running. I’m taking your complete silence on the fortune topic as a sign that you love it and you think it’s perfect.

What else…I just bought a ticket to fly out to Utah on May 17 to hang out with JC Herrell for a week. I have to see the whole hippie/trailer park/ glass working movie for myself because I just can’t picture it in my head. I may rent space there but more likely I’m going to bring my torch and crap with and we’re gonna work. Work on stuff. Drink beer. Sit in hot springs. In that order.

the hell?
April 21, 2008, 2:27 pm
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Here’s something to mull over. Just to give you the whole picture and not take anything out of context, the name “McCain” was lettered off to the side in a similar font, so the whole thing reads “McCain Kill Terrorists”. I left “Mc Cain” out because “Kill Terrorists” and then the pretty flowers are really the best part of this work.

I’m at a loss as to who would draw such a thing. There are very few children and even fewer republicans living downtown. Yet, this appears to be the work of the rarest bird yet: a child being raised by republicans in downtown Madison. I don’t think that’s even possible. Of course I’m working under the premise that this is serious pro Mc Cain sentiment (what with terrorist killing being such a worthwhile endeavor). Maybe it isn’t. If it’s just some smart-aleck impersonating a child being raised by republicans, that’s smart-aleckyness on an uncommonly high level. Hats off.

Give gifts.
April 17, 2008, 1:01 pm
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give gifts

I’ve been out walking around now that it’s warmer. When I went by this house on Tuesday folks were out planting grass seed (or something) in the front yard. Then yesterday this sign appeared. I think we should all obey as gift giving is never a bad idea.

My Dad turns 70 today. I rather suspect that he has stayed alive this long only to defy the doctors who told him repeatedly that continued smoking he would not live this long. He and the doctors are on the same page never. So this April 17th Dad receives the gift of being right and also the gift of the doctors being wrong. Dad’s fondness of being right seems to grow proportionally to his age so this is probably the best gift ever. He is really hard to buy for,too, so I’m glad he got something nice from someone.



Fun on a bun.
April 14, 2008, 9:48 pm
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 I had a major setback at the bead show on Saturday morning when I became extremely ill after eating some old pizza for breakfast. For some reason, unlike shrimp dip or chicken salad, I’ve never viewed pizza as being a perishable food item. I eat yester-pizza all the time. Whether it sits out all night or it’s in the fridge it tastes just as delicious as can be expected. Yet, as I found out, in some invisible but fundamental way it isn’t the same at all. At around 10:30 I had to call Don in to take over for me so I could nearly projectile vomit  out of the cab on the way home and then later for real in the privacy of my own bathroom. Don worked the show for me all day on Saturday. And it was busy. He is such a trooper. Right now I’m working on his ass-saving merit badge that later I will affix to his favorite sweater or baseball cap.

As dumb luck would have it, there was a lady at my table shooting a marketing video for the bead show just as I was falling ill. Mostly she was shooting my stuff but right when I stood up and grabbed JC’s phone to call Don I saw she was filming me. By that time I was pretty busy both with sales and with throwing up in the bathroom. Everyone said I looked green. I hope that, for the sake of the promotional value of the video, they edit that part out.

Even with the stomach glitch I had a pretty decent show and a fun weekend. Fun on a bun. At the show I got to sit next to JC Herrell and Jeff Barber. Jeff had the dubious honor of being the only bead show vendor to attend the little soiree we threw on Sat. night at the house. I can’t really go into details, but, that Jeff is really funny. Well, I guess I could go into details but it would cross a line, so I won’t.  JC ended up staying over on Friday and Saturday. She’s currently living in Utah among what sounds like a really interesting combination of hardcore hippies and religious folk who aren’t stingy with the free advice for young ladies who are living in trailers around hardcore hippies. All of JC’s stories indicated (to me, anyway) that the hills of Utah are figuratively bursting with rich, golden blog material that’s going undocumented. My lands, yes. I’m gonna have to go there someday ’cause right now JC is not sitting down long enough to write anything.

By the way and by the way, I listed a bunch of extra, left-over type beads in the Etsy store. Why not go and buy one right now?






How Carrie eats cake
April 8, 2008, 11:18 am
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At this time, all the younger members of Lost School have girlfriends. Since gals are often prone to bringing some kind of snack to our gatherings, more girlfriends=more cake for me and Don. So we’re pro girlfriend. And pro cake. Anyway, one of these gals, Carrie, came over the other day with some cake which she ate in an extremely clever manner. I’m going to show you how Carrie prepares her cake for eating because I think it will enrich your life. Yet another trillion dollar idea I’m just giving away.

OK. So, you know how it’s kind of messy eating thick sheet-type cake with icing on it? This is assuming you’re eating it with your hands. It’s easy to eat cake using tools but that’s not how we roll at our house. When you eat cake with your hands you have to grab it on the sides thusly so as not to get icing on your fingers:

cake before 

What Carrie did was break off half of the cake from the bottom and then she placed it over the icing so she could get a top/bottom grip on the cake like this:

smart cake eating

Now you can confidently eat cake with your hands. Clever! Do you find this information the slightest bit interesting? I find this new way to eat cake is not just interesting but exciting. I do feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t feel the same.

In other news…I finally pulled my head out and started making a bunch of new beads for the Art Glass and Bead Show this weekend. I’ve amassed quite the pile of wares. I am enjoying working and not dealing with Ebay so much I’m going to take a little break from it until after the show is over. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of stuff leftover to list next week.



the weekend in pictures

Finally, it is warm enough to walk around outside unencumbered by bulky clothing. Experiencing sun is a now definate possibility each day. I feel decidedly less neurotic than I have for about the past four months. My cold is gone too. What a treat!

So, yesterday, me and Don went for a long walk. I saw something strange that I’d like to share with the group. I’ll set it up for you first. On Wilson St. there used to be this music venue called OKay’s Corral. It burnt down may years ago and was never rebuilt so now there’s just a little grassy plain where it used to be. Compared to the surrounding areas the grassy plain is very clean. Nothing in it except a large rock. Maybe someone’s cleaning the area or maybe people just don’t throw garbage there. It’s emptyness and neatness draws you eye when you walk by.

When we walked by the grassy plain yesterday we saw this:

mystery assembledge

I think these objects were placed there so people would notice them. That’s what I’m doing now. We have a painting of a sea scape under broken glass, an empty box of corn flakes and a broken Easter basket. Were I an english teacher I would so make my class write an essay about how this little assembledge came to be. When we went by the plain today the picture and the corn flakes box were gone and the broken Easter basket was perched on the rock. Were I an english teacher I would make my students write an essay about that too.

Here’s what a lot of places in the city look like:

pretty snow

That just looks nasty.

MBA Organic chicken is delicious and expensive…

chicken truck

probably because each one attends graduate school before you eat it.

I was snooping around the dumpsters at Don’s work when I saw this:

smiley refuse

I thought the face in that little…whatever it is…happened accidently but then I saw a bunch more of them on the ground. Bummer. Always on the lookout for food anomolies.

On a completely different topic–wordpress just changed their blog writing template and now…as far as I can tell…spellcheck no longer exists. I have some other gripes about it too but that’s the only one that affects the blog quality. What the hell? I want my spellcheck.