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My god, the heat.
July 17, 2012, 11:19 am
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I got last weekend off from the Farmer’s Market because the behemoth Art Fair on the Square was occupying the space. That means I had lot less to do and I’ve finally run out of excuses for not writing something here. So, how’s by you? We’re all OK. Me and Don and the hedgehog survived early July heat spell by moving into the downstairs into a large nest of blankets in front of the air conditioner. During our waking hours, T-Bone ran free through the downstairs allowing him to choose whether or not he wanted to be in the air conditioned room or near his cage in the foyer. That was pretty great. Once when I went to the refrigerator to get some ham T-Bone was sitting there on the floor and I said “Do you want some ham, T-Bone?”. He sniffed vigorously at the smell coming out of the refrigerator, whatever that smell was. I interpreted his interest as a “yes” and gave him a tiny piece of ham which he devoured and then skittered away. So cute, and so like a regular pet.

As far as I can tell, T-Bone kept his pooping confined to the cage during his free run of the living room. So there really was no downside to having a hedgehog loose in the house. That was probably the high point of my summer.

In other heat news, we bought one of those 10 ft. inflatable swimming pools and installed it in our pals Aaron and Erika’s backyard. We were going to put it in our backyard but the yard is too tiny and does not afford us the privacy we require to soak while wearing pirate hats and playing with wind-up bath toys. We probably could have crammed it in but it would block access to the tractor tire garden and make it difficult to get to the plants if they caught on fire, which they might. (My plants, by the way, are another story–I bought three tomato plants from a nun at the Farmer’s Market. Two are normal cherry tomatoes but the third is some kind of puny ornamental plant that grows about ten inches high and produces tomatoes the size of your fingernail. I didn’t know there were ornamental tomato plants–no vines, just a little bush with tiny, tiny tomatoes. Who would engineer something like that? Someone who’s not very hungry, I guess.) But back to the pool, it is the best $80. we’ve spent on anything. Everyone should have one of those.

In work news, I started making rings again and they are proving to be popular in a positive and not so positive way.

A very unassuming woman stole this one after it was on my stand for only about 4 hours, which is probably a record. In these situations, people often talk about Karma in relation to the thief getting some come-uppance, which is admittedly a fun and comforting thing to think about. But, I think that if you believe in Karma, then wasn’t something awful I did responsible for me suffering the loss of the ring in the first place? Am I thinking about this right?  Because that’s not comforting to me at all. Real revenge is more comforting, but it’s not very practical since I’ll probably never see her again. The solution here is to keep an eye on your shit when the 40 year old, middle class ladies are around. Then you won’t have any problems Karmic or otherwise.

In other news, I finally got around to listing more stuff in Aardvark’s Etsy store.   I could have listed more during my free time but I didn’t because I have a swimming pool to sit in. There are some nice knobs and fish and what have you. Go take a look, if you want.