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I’m warm
February 27, 2008, 2:16 pm
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Hey! I’m in Mexico! It’s 80 degrees! There are lizards all over the place! The condo I’m staying in is swanky–the towels are folded into bird shapes. My camera took a shit about 6 hours into the trip so I had to get another one. Cigarettes and booze are so cheap here it isn’t even funny. I only have a couple minutes to blog before Don and I grab lunch and go to an aviary to look at toucans.

I really thought I’d have more to blog about but it isn’t much fun without pictures. Oh, how I got pictures. I’m the whitest person in this complex. Don has the largest beard by far. All of the vendors call him “Senor Whiskers”. ALL of them. Too weird.

The ocean is really warm and salty. There are no bugs here but there are feral cats. Mostly I’m eating, walking, drinking and sitting around in the warm–sometimes all of those things at once. Haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything special. It’s just fun being warm.

I’m going to wander off and look for Senor Whiskers. That would be a good name for a feral cat. Later!


sunny mexico
February 17, 2008, 5:06 pm
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When you walk into Erika’s house you have to walk upstairs to get to the kitchen so the first thing you see is the word “SUN” spelled out in bottle-cap magnets on the fridge. Yes, sun. I would like some sun, please.

We’re going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico on Feb. 25th-March 1 on the graces of Don’s employer. I’ve been promised that there is sun there and also toucans. I’ve been Google-Earthing the city to see what it looks like. So far I’ve seen a lot of gringos and a Hard Rock Cafe so it’s pretty much like it is here…except it’s warm. I am looking forward to 1) Warm,  2) Iguanas and other creatures, and 3) Really elaborate mixed drinks served in a coconut. Anything beyond that will be cake.

Not much else to say today. Don made it back alive from Chicago. It’s snowing really hard. I have to go shopping for a swimming suit that covers my middle age junk. That should be pretty funny. Let’s all look forward to that.

Things I Think
February 14, 2008, 5:29 pm
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creepy robert blake

I think that Robert Blake’s character in the David Lynch movie “Lost Highway” is the creepiest, creepiest, creepiest film character ever. I feel very strongly about this. You can try to convince me otherwise but I think you will be wasting your time. Last night while I was sitting in my shoe chair I wished that, when I had that DVD in my possession, I had taken a picture of Blake and stored the image on my camera so I could look at it from time to time to re-live the creepiness and maybe share it with others. Why would I want to do that? I don’t know! I’m just telling you my thoughts.

As luck would have it, the IFC showed “Lost Highway” late last night and I got a picture of Robert Blake. Now I can think of something else.

I’ve been mentally compiling a list of objects that either are or will be soon as obsolete as the buggy whip. They are: pay telephones, white out and ascots. Add more if you want.

In other news:Don just left for Chicago. He’s expanding the brewing system at Piece Brewery and Restaurant. Busy, busy, busy. (I think that Piece has the best pizza anywhere, by the way.) Before he left he gave me a heart shaped box of candy and some nail clippers. If you look very, very carefully at the box lid, which I don’t think he did, you can see that it says “Russel Stovers…Just for him.” You’d think that if you were going to go through the trouble to engender something you’d make it a little more obvious than that. Like package the candy in a burlap bag or a tool box? No matter which words are on it there isn’t really anything masculine about a heart shaped box of candy. And it’s so hard to read–I bet a lot of gals are getting “Just for him” candy this year. I don’t know if that’s going to cause any problems but you know how some people will bitch about anything. Me, I’d eat candy even if it was “Just for White Supremacists.” I think candy is great.

Fun Facts
February 12, 2008, 12:34 pm
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funny sign

I found this sign from the land store when I was cleaning out a display case. I made a lot of funny signs back in the day. This one was advertising wine bottle stoppers. That’s Biscuit the hedgehog dressed up like an aardvark down there in the corner. I miss Biscuit. She was nice…but also bitey.  Click here if you want to view the sign large or print it out to advertise your own wine bottle stoppers.

Well, I’m bored already. Yesterday when I was bored I decided to look for snow statistics for Madison. We broke a record today when the seasonal snowfall topped 76″. Yee haw. Anyway, while searching for data I found this interesting site called city-data.com. On it is extremely detailed data for most cities in the country, and within that, most zip codes within each city. It’s pretty cool if you like statistics. I love statistics…and packaging…and shoe chairs.

I found some really fun facts about my zip code. It’s about two square miles with 26,000 people living there. No wonder there’s no place to park. Since it’s mostly students there’s very few people my age here. I knew that already. But what I didn’t know is that there are almost as many registered sex offenders (83) as there are 40 year old women (about 100) living in my zip code. If you wanted to you could find out the median age of the sex offenders. All of that information is there. Isn’t that something? That’s one hell of a data base.

Want to know how many sex offenders live nearby? Or you city’s average wind speed? Or the year most houses were built? Go look it up…if you’re bored.

Another fun fact: My blog about beard beads is up on Watch Me Create. Go look!

shoe chair!
February 8, 2008, 3:23 pm
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happy shoe chair

Remember last January when I was talking about getting hand or shoe chairs? Of course you do. We had some space open up for seating in my work area when we got rid of a refrigerator. Who wouldn’t remember such a momentus event?Anyway, back then Don was down with the shoe chair idea until he found some pew-like seats at a thrift store. They were endlessly more effective for seating so he bought and installed those. I was bummed. My bummed-ness was completely unfounded too because Don’s furniture choice was obviously the right one, no question. The pews seat 5 people. And they have storage space. Being unfoundedly bummed made me a little angry. So I stopped thinking shoe chair.

Then today we wandered into a pawn shop on Willy Street and there, up high on a shelf was a brand new shoe chair! I don’t know what the odds of that were–there wasn’t any other furniture in the joint. The inventory was about 90% jewelry and musical instruments. The dude who sold us the chair was really nice. When we got there he was lugging in a 25lb bag of bird seed. He took a lot of time and effort feeding wildlife outside behind the pawn shop and boasted openly about saving the life of an injured and nearly hairless squirrel by feeding it day old scones from Lazy Jane’s Cafe. I’m not so big on squirrels but people who look out for the critters are ok by me. Anyway, as a bonus, it turns out that shoe chairs are actually very comfortable to sit in. So we bought it! Hooray!

Also, I successfully photographed the world’s ugliest lamp:

ugly lamp

It’s that green one. I don’t know what it was made out of–fiberglass maybe? And it looks like the bases are engaged in some kind of struggle.  And the shades are such weird shapes. If you frequent antique and pawn shops you know that the number of participants in the ugly lamp contest is so vast it’s pretty much impossible to pick a winner. Until today. I win!

Again with the week in pictures
February 7, 2008, 2:04 pm
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We’re all dug out now, back on track, world still spinnin’ round. Things like snowstorms…politics, too…aren’t all that bad so long as you put off experiencing them until it’s absolutely necessary.

Someone or something has been removing snow from both of the sidewalks for which I am responsible (house and store). Maybe it’s someone having fun with their new snow-blower or maybe it’s something mystical. I am fully aware of the blessedness of this development and I want to pay forward to whatever entity is in charge of snow-removal karma, but I don’t know how. I’m not good with winter time random acts of kindness because I don’t like being outside. I’ll try to be extra nice when I’m indoors. Anything to keep the snow off the sidewalk.

I liked the way that week in pictures thing went the other day. It’s an easy way to cover a lot of topics without having to string them together theme wise. So here’s some more stuff:

guy in shorts

Yesterday during the blizzard I walked home from the shop behind a guy wearing shorts. His legs were pink. I hope he’s ok.

spider car

Today: Car with spider themed decals parked outside my house.

Yesterday: I ate a box of Spider Man themed macaroni and cheese. Coincidence?

warning label

Interesting packaging alert: Our dishwasher that was delivered on Monday came with this nifty sticker on the box. There’s a little tube of fluid there that turns red when the package is handled roughly. Isn’t that neat-o? Of course we did not notice the red fluid until long after the delivery guy was gone so it’s kind of a moot point.

elfin brewer

This is an anyonomous individual from the downtown Great Dane during Fat Tuesday festivities. I like his shoes.

That’s it.

real snow day
February 6, 2008, 10:11 pm
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We got 13.3 inches of snow today. The city pretty much closed early. Since there was no going anywhere (except on foot, and that with great difficulty) Me and Don holed up in the house all day eating macaroni and cheese and watching stuff like “Escape From Planet of the Apes” on TV. I floundered over to the shop to list beads and on the way home I got a picture of a guy walking around in shorts. That made putting my boots on worth while. Now I have enough material for another week in pictures. Probably put that together tomorrow.