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February 12, 2008, 12:34 pm
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funny sign

I found this sign from the land store when I was cleaning out a display case. I made a lot of funny signs back in the day. This one was advertising wine bottle stoppers. That’s Biscuit the hedgehog dressed up like an aardvark down there in the corner. I miss Biscuit. She was nice…but also bitey.  Click here if you want to view the sign large or print it out to advertise your own wine bottle stoppers.

Well, I’m bored already. Yesterday when I was bored I decided to look for snow statistics for Madison. We broke a record today when the seasonal snowfall topped 76″. Yee haw. Anyway, while searching for data I found this interesting site called city-data.com. On it is extremely detailed data for most cities in the country, and within that, most zip codes within each city. It’s pretty cool if you like statistics. I love statistics…and packaging…and shoe chairs.

I found some really fun facts about my zip code. It’s about two square miles with 26,000 people living there. No wonder there’s no place to park. Since it’s mostly students there’s very few people my age here. I knew that already. But what I didn’t know is that there are almost as many registered sex offenders (83) as there are 40 year old women (about 100) living in my zip code. If you wanted to you could find out the median age of the sex offenders. All of that information is there. Isn’t that something? That’s one hell of a data base.

Want to know how many sex offenders live nearby? Or you city’s average wind speed? Or the year most houses were built? Go look it up…if you’re bored.

Another fun fact: My blog about beard beads is up on Watch Me Create. Go look!

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Hey Cat, I know this post is off topic but I wanted you to know about it without having to go back through the bloggidy-blog archives. I know that you have received some of the Gus Fink Boogily Head figures without comics recently. You should know that the man himself states on his web page that “each toy is a MINI ART TOY AND COMES WITH MINI COMIX AND A POSTER!” So it is not some sort of lottery (“EACH TOY”) but more probably the unconcerned neglect of some faraway toy company not complying with the artists requests. This should probably be reported directly to Gus! (Hopefully the mere mention of Gus Fink will tickle his search engines enough so that he will find this post just as he did your previous one) And as to the topic at hand, who really does want to know the ratio of blockheads and pinks to the Yeti descendants in their zip code? (It can be an awefully scary statistic If one was to give it too much thought)…

Comment by sp

I guess I don’t want to add to the woes of the slave laborers making those little toys by making them put the right comic with the right toy. It sucks that I don’t have Skrapbear’s backstory but other than that my life is pretty good.

Also- 4:12 am? Go to sleep, man.

Comment by cathylybarger

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