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sunny mexico
February 17, 2008, 5:06 pm
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When you walk into Erika’s house you have to walk upstairs to get to the kitchen so the first thing you see is the word “SUN” spelled out in bottle-cap magnets on the fridge. Yes, sun. I would like some sun, please.

We’re going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico on Feb. 25th-March 1 on the graces of Don’s employer. I’ve been promised that there is sun there and also toucans. I’ve been Google-Earthing the city to see what it looks like. So far I’ve seen a lot of gringos and a Hard Rock Cafe so it’s pretty much like it is here…except it’s warm. I am looking forward to 1) Warm,  2) Iguanas and other creatures, and 3) Really elaborate mixed drinks served in a coconut. Anything beyond that will be cake.

Not much else to say today. Don made it back alive from Chicago. It’s snowing really hard. I have to go shopping for a swimming suit that covers my middle age junk. That should be pretty funny. Let’s all look forward to that.


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have a great time!!! we will miss you!

Comment by jean

Have a wonderful time! We’ll keep the runway shoveled for your safe return…beth

Comment by acmegirl

I know you’ll have sun, cause I’m cruising that week in the Caribbean and I’m not settling for anything less than warm and sunny. I have a thought on bathing suits, seeing as I have middle age junk too, someone once asked me what did I care what other people (in other places) think of how I look…I’ll never see them again anyway. You should see the thing I wear…SCAREY!!

Comment by Rosanne

Thanks guys!
That’s a good attitude to have Rosanne. I’m still leaning toward a barrel with suspenders type thing.

Comment by cathylybarger

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