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Happy Fat, Super Tuesday
February 5, 2008, 11:23 am
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I didn’t have a new photo today so I’m posting a picture of this wiener dog light Don gave me for Christmas. Isn’t it large and yellow?

Yeah, so, today. I’m peeved that I forgot to ramp down my kiln last night. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to have annealed beads. Crap, crap, crap! Think about other things.

My sixth sense told me to go to work early this morning because the dishwasher delivery guy was going to be there…and my sixth sense was right! Moments after my arrival and old, friendly delivery guy showed up with the dishwasher that’s going to be installed at our house. Where the hell was my sixth sense when I left the store last night without ramping down the kiln?

Do you know what doesn’t taste terrible? Raw turnips. Surprising! I chopped some up for Carcass Soup the other day and felt compelled to put one in my mouth. They’re good! They have the texture of a radish but without the bitter. Is it ok to eat raw turnips? I don’t want to get worms or anything. Did your parents ever tell you that eating certain things would give you worms? When he was a kid Don’s mom told him that eating raw cookie dough would give you worms. That’s pretty smart.

Speaking of Don, I’m working on a Watch Me Create blog starring Don’s beard, which is on the verge of being large enough to get a job and live somewhere on it’s own. The blog is about creating and installing beard beads as per Don’s request. People, mostly biker types and hippies, have been known to wear beard beads but it wasn’t until Don saw someone on Law and Order wearing them that he really got the fire in his belly. The beads I made aren’t anything spectacular but I did learn something about direct painting on beads that I did not know before. The blog won’t be done until later because we’re not putting them in until we go to this Mardi Gras thing tonight. I’ll let you know when it’s up.


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