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February 14, 2008, 5:29 pm
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creepy robert blake

I think that Robert Blake’s character in the David Lynch movie “Lost Highway” is the creepiest, creepiest, creepiest film character ever. I feel very strongly about this. You can try to convince me otherwise but I think you will be wasting your time. Last night while I was sitting in my shoe chair I wished that, when I had that DVD in my possession, I had taken a picture of Blake and stored the image on my camera so I could look at it from time to time to re-live the creepiness and maybe share it with others. Why would I want to do that? I don’t know! I’m just telling you my thoughts.

As luck would have it, the IFC showed “Lost Highway” late last night and I got a picture of Robert Blake. Now I can think of something else.

I’ve been mentally compiling a list of objects that either are or will be soon as obsolete as the buggy whip. They are: pay telephones, white out and ascots. Add more if you want.

In other news:Don just left for Chicago. He’s expanding the brewing system at Piece Brewery and Restaurant. Busy, busy, busy. (I think that Piece has the best pizza anywhere, by the way.) Before he left he gave me a heart shaped box of candy and some nail clippers. If you look very, very carefully at the box lid, which I don’t think he did, you can see that it says “Russel Stovers…Just for him.” You’d think that if you were going to go through the trouble to engender something you’d make it a little more obvious than that. Like package the candy in a burlap bag or a tool box? No matter which words are on it there isn’t really anything masculine about a heart shaped box of candy. And it’s so hard to read–I bet a lot of gals are getting “Just for him” candy this year. I don’t know if that’s going to cause any problems but you know how some people will bitch about anything. Me, I’d eat candy even if it was “Just for White Supremacists.” I think candy is great.


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Silly widget. Of course ALL YOU EVER HAD TO DO was lift your fingers enough to type “Robert Blake Lost Highway” into Google, hit image, and bingo. All you want. Scads, tons, of images of him as the creepiest character ever.

Try it!

How much snow do you have now?

Comment by kate mckinnon

Wow. That’s the creepy I was looking for. God, he’s so….yucky. Unfortunately, the camera is useless for computer screen images so I can’t have the creepy when I’m out and about and want to provoke a meaningful discussion about creepy movie characters with strangers.

You just want to hear about snow because you’re smart and you live in Arizona. I’m not going to indulge you.

Comment by cathylybarger

I’ve never seen the movie. In just a couple sentences can you sum up what makes him so creepy? I used to have a crush on him when I was little and Telly Savalas (as Kojak). Now that’s creepy…

Comment by acmegirl

Well you will be happy to know that there is a device you can get called a printer, it’s totally cool! It can take pictures from your computer and print them on paper. I don’t know how I got by without mine. I can then take the papers with me wherever I go.

Hey, was the TV product you got “Mighty Putty?” I am tempted every time I see it advertised on Magnum PI. I need Mighty Putty so badly I can’t stand it. It can pull a semi!

Comment by kate

Our nephew from LA whom I just saw likes Billy Ray Cyrus because he was good in a David Lynch movie. I am wondering which one it was!

glad to be back so i can read you xox

Comment by jean

Billy Ray Cirus was in Mulholland Drive. I think he was a pool cleaner or something? It wasn’t a very big part.

Acme-Mostly it’s just how Blake looks that makes him creepy. Check out Google images (Robert Blake Lost Highway). His character was kind of spooky but not inherantly creepy. It’s just how Blake played him.

Kate-Yes, Mighty Putty is a brand of putty epoxy. I got some other brand of it off the nets. I think they’re all capable of pulling semis and preforming miracles untold. I would get some right away!

Comment by cathylybarger

ah, Mullholland Drive. that is the one we have “mixed feelings” about? or is that a different one? Man, my brain is going! Robert Blake has been a part of my life in some form since he was in In Cold Blood, and I had read the book and kept it on my desk in a prominent spot as a kid ever since it came out. I found it a fascinating book, read it more than once, and therefore was interested in the movie as well. I like books about human nature. I’ll take any explanation of human nature and try to mull it over and see if it is worthy of any further thought!

Comment by jean

I have mixed feelings about all David Lynch movies but tend to like them better after I ve seen them more than one time. If I go into them knowing in advance which parts are not going to make sense I can enjoy the rest of the movie instead of continually asking myself what the hell just happened. This I know about me.

Comment by cathylybarger

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