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Look at this thing
October 20, 2011, 2:03 pm
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It’s my port-the one that was in my chest for a year. It was removed this morning! The thing probably cost a couple of grand so I figured after it was removed I’d take it home and turn it into the most expensive piece of jewelry I’ve ever made.

Isn’t it brightly colored? Isn’t that weird? I’m sure I saw a picture of it before they put it in but I must not have been paying attention. Purple and blue were a surprise, but, you know what’s really surprising, gross, but kind of cool about port removal? OK, the purple thing was down near my boob and the blue tube was attached to my jugular vein. When they took out the port, they made an incision near the purple part, lifted that out and then gently pulled the tube out or off of my jugular vein, which was a good 6 inches away. And that worked-they didn’t need to stitch the vein closed or anything-it just came right off and I didn’t bleed to death. They applied pressure, of course, but I was expecting something more involved. That blows my mind. It’s almost as though they could have tied one end of the port to a doorknob and then slammed the door-that’s how simple it was. I have to say the disengaging of the tube freaked me out, but by the time I realized that was what they were doing the procedure was mostly over. I’m glad I didn’t ask a lot of questions ahead of time, because that would have made me anxious.

So, no more treatment. Anymore. For real. I have to get back to work.







I’m a fucking professional
October 18, 2011, 12:26 pm
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I finally painted a sandwich board for in front of the land store:

It took me 16 years to get that done-partly because I’m lazy but also because I already use two open signs and feel that any one who questions my openness probably isn’t all that interested in coming in anyway. For the past several weeks, though, there has been extensive facade renovation to the buildings that flank mine. All the activity makes me look a lot less open, even with signs to the contrary. So I finally made a sandwich board, just like a real business. I hope it works, because there isn’t anymore room for signage on the front of my building.

In other news: Gallery Night was uncommonly successful. It’s probably because I bought this on Etsy:

Knotworkshop makes these nifty coffee and travel mug cozies that are highly amusing and don’t cost an arm and a leg. I had a banner day street vending the first time I incorporated this cozy into my reality- I think it’s because previously no one realized what a fucking professional I was. It’s an easy mistake to make–when I’m vending, I don’t feel especially professional when I have to clean bird shit off my inventory at the end of the day. Since I’m superstitious about totems and rituals that improve sales, I think the cozy is helping. Get one for yourself and try it out.

Gallery Night
October 9, 2011, 1:30 pm
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Hello everyone. I’m back at the blog now. I got my last Herceptin treatment on September 20 and things are just ducky. This week marks the first 3 week period in a year that I haven’t had to go to the doctor and have a $6000. bag of chemicals pumped into my chest area. Happy like a clam, I am. Not that Herceptin is horrible or anything, I’m just glad that treatment isn’t hanging over my head any more.  I get my port removed on October 20 and then I’m all done.

So, meanwhile, back in real life we’ve got Gallery Night coming up on Friday, Oct. 14. I bring it up because at the center of that whole thing are the paper pieces I’ve been working on with my mom since the Spring and I want people to look at them as well as (also on display) that weird cancer necklace I made.  Here’s a picture of the shop:

The MMOCA scheduled Gallery Night on  Homecoming weekend this time around so it should be pretty busy. The city will be full of people, for what that’s worth. Here is  a map of the participating venues for you to peruse. As you can see Aardvark is the only participating gallery on East Johnson. Wah. The seclusion makes me sad, but, it might bode well for people who want a parking spot.


In addition to my stuff, which is always here, I’ll have metal work from Erika Koivunen and some very amusing pieces for sale that I’ve purchased from artists on Etsy. If it isn’t raining, Don and the gang may be playing live music out front and I’ll be doing bead demos from 7-9pm. As usual we’ll have food from the Honey Bee Bakery  and delicious liquid refreshments. My mates from Lost School should be hanging around so if you enjoy talking to art people, you’re welcome to hang out and enjoy their company while you have a beer. Sounds like fun, yes? Why walk from gallery to gallery when we’ve got the best one?

Hope to see you there!