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Now I’m just goofing off
August 20, 2009, 9:15 am
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I’m in the store now. I just realized that if I open up my bathroom door and the covering over the secret bathroom entrance (large hole in the office wall) I’ve got a clear view of the front door. Problem solved.

Anyhoo, it’s pretty slow here so I’m trying to make my own fun. I found a website called wonderhowto.com. The site has all kinds of  informational videos  about everything from glass pipe making to hacking into vending machines. I made a pipe the other day from one of the videos.


Having tried a few more since this one, I think this is going to be one of those things that works the first time you try it and then never again. I think my pipe making career is going to be cut short. Bummer. I’ll save that hacking into the vending machine video for later. Maybe I’ll be really good at that.

In other news…


Caffeinated  jelly beans! I found these at the bike store when I went in to buy a helmet the other day. They’re not the best tasting things but you have to give the Jelly Belly co. credit for coming up with such a super idea. I’m biking kind of a lot now, on my heavy bike with the giant seat. I probably have enough energy to get by without Sport Beans, but why would I want to do that? They’re 15% off in the Jelly Belly Shop. Hopefully they’ll start making them with sedatives too…or anti-depressants. Jelly beans are the perfect vehicle for anything.

So, speaking of biking, yesterday I was winding my way thru the Arboretum (many acres of forest and prairie and marsh land owned by the University) and I saw not one, not two, not three, but four wild turkeys wandering down the road. Here is a terrible picture of two of them:


A car came along right after I took this and the turkeys plodded off into the woods. I tried to take more pictures of them but once they were in the woods they were all but invisible. Maybe they were ghost turkeys. In any event, that was quite exciting, seeing the wild animals. And they didn’t walk up to you and demand food, either, like all the ducks and the sparrows downtown. Which is good because I can’t resist a mooching animal–and all I had on me at the time was a bag of Sport Beans.


this blog
August 14, 2009, 4:06 pm
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So, this blog and the land store aren’t dove tailing real well. I apologize for that. Since summers are so short here, I’m trying to not be in the store or near the computer on days when the store isn’t open. By the time I’m open there’s a pile of stuff to do. Also working against me is the fact that an important part of doing business is knowing when there are people in the store. I can’t really hear people when I’m in the office in front of the computer. I tried to remedy that situation by buying a  motion sensor ‘visitor chime’, but the chime is obnoxiously loud and it goes off several times whenever a truck goes by the store. Trucks go by the store always. Much more often than people. I saw in the chime it’s potential for driving me batshit so I got rid of it. Still not at ease sitting in the office, though. I haven’t even been open a month so I guess there’s still time to work things out.  I’m doing what I can, here, to get a blog writ. Really I am.

your myth…
August 3, 2009, 5:51 pm
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Great news everyone! I can make jewelry with words on it now.


Foster urped up that saying a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been trying to make it into a t-shirt design but we’re struggling with font issues. Anyway, it was the first thing to pop into my head after I found out Missy had a couple of sets of letter stamps. This is going to change the way I make “Bite Me” pins. Yes siree.

In other news…I been riding a bike a lot lately. I bought a new one for myself for my birthday. It’s pretty cheap but it works. It has the hugest seat I’ve ever seen–it’s as wide as a friggin’ porch swing. People laugh at my seat but at the end of the ride it is I who does not have a sore ass. Man, it’s an ugly color though! Blue is the best color but Don already has a blue bike so I wanted something different. Whenever possible I try not to match him. I think it’s weird when couples match. Anyway, besides blue my bike came in brown and a Burgundy color. I chose Burgundy (or “wine berry” as I learned it is called) because it looked nice inside the store. Out in the sun, without sunglasses on, the color is more fuchsia. Yuck. Wineberry. I should have known. That’s not even a real berry.