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I’m doing something, finally
February 14, 2012, 3:40 pm
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My pal Erika (scrap metal welding gal) is trying to raise funds for a public art project here in Madison. If the project is funded, Erika will be commissioned to make a giant metal tree on a median where John Nolan Dr. and Williamson St. meet. For fundraising purposes, Erika started making these 24″ trees out of colorful electrical wire. Here is one:

They are quite detailed with little flower blossoms on the ends of the branches. The trunks are sturdy, composed of multiple strands of thick copper wire. I thought they needed some glass creatures living in them so I started making those:

The tree squids are my favorites because they build nests for their baby tree squids, which are super cute.

I made a bunch of slugs that crawl up the tree trunks:

There’s also frogs and spiders and flying clams. Dodo birds too.

Some things have yet to be wired together but they’re coming along. The goal is to sell two trees at a fundraising event in the near future. I’ll have more pictures later when we get them all together.


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Wish we were there so we could bid on one.

Comment by phil

Hi Phil
I’m really enjoying working on these and Erika has no shortage of scrap wire so we will be making some for sale. The funding for the Gateway project is enormous (40 K so far) and something that a tree won’t make a dent in, but it can raise awareness about having a big metal tree move into the neighborhood. It’s also a nice gesture on Erika’s part to donate something to the cause. There’s a chili dinner fundraiser coming up in March to which at least one tree will attend, but we’re not turning loose of it for less than $500 because it was so much work. We’re working on some smaller pieces for the shop.

Comment by cathylybarger

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