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The Regretsy Side-Show
March 30, 2010, 12:33 pm
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Well, we’ve got Gallery Night coming up again on May 7th (5-9pm). Normally I don’t do anything for it that requires effort but this time I’m going to make an exception. I’ve been really inspired recently by a bunch of interesting individuals I’ve found through the Etsy/Regretsy nexus. Many of them appear in April Winchell’s soon to be released book Regretsy: Where DIY Meets WTF. I have a bead in the book ,too. You should buy it (the book, that is). It’s cheap as hell and it’s going to be really funny.

Anyway, back to this show thing – because it is very small, a section of wall and some display area, it is indeed a side-show. The opening will be May 7 and it will be up for a month. At the opening we’ll have the book for sale and Robin Crider (Hi Bird) will be there selling her magnificent embroidered toilet paper and embroidered maxi-pad bookmarks.  We have attendance of around 100 people on Gallery Night but ultimately, I think this show is going to be more for my own amusement than anything, but you never know. Everyone who is sending something in is doing me a solid, personally. With the exception on the octopus project, which was also Regretsy-inspired, it’s been a while since I found work this entertaining.

So far, on board is Denny Pinkham, creator of the “Say What?” Guy. He’s painting up something special for the show. Dark Vomit, creator of the most shit-stirring Christmas card I’ve ever seen, is sending in two pieces. Frankenkitty has never been featured on Regretsy but I found her through an ad on the site and I love her work . I bought one of her prints and borrowed another.Cappysue, the gal who created the above painting of a big vagina stepping on a bug, is sending in an odd sampler and an ever odder tote bag. We’ve got some jewelry from Sofa City, multiple Obama eggs from Eggenius, 3 donkeys from Pomegranite80, squirrel paw earrings from Custom Creature and finally, my Frog on a Ham Bead. The very one that was sitting in my Etsy store on and off for a year and a half. Thank goodness no one bought it.

In addition to the various and sundry arts, there will be live music, free beer and snacks, a pretty iguana to admire and bead-making demonstrations from 7-9pm. If everything works out this time I may do this again in October. I really regret not thinking of a Regretsy show early enough to have it included in the Gallery Night flyer and on the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art website. We’ll get ’em next time. Then we’ll really look legit.

It’s best that you come to one of these pretty soon because it’s only a matter of time before something stupid happens and the whole free beer thing becomes an issue. I give it a year.


It’s Spring now.
March 21, 2010, 12:27 pm
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Time to empty out the coat. Thank God. It was getting really heavy and annoying.  Know what? There was only $14.97 in the coat lining. That’s not going to go very far, booze wise. Here’s a picture of $14.97 (actually, the pic is of $14.86. I found .11 more after I took it.)

So, that means the winners are: First place, Jen who guessed $15.76. Second place, Rob and Rose who guessed $12.34. Third place, Heather who guessed $19.84. Jen, Rose you guys email me (aardart@aol.com) and tell me  which beads you want. Heather, you get whatever is left. I’ll need your mailing addresses as well.

Here are some pictures of the opening of the coat. Enjoy! Thanks for playing.

is that a pigeon?
March 18, 2010, 11:35 am
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Something unexpected has happened, children! It’s super warm here in Madison. No coat. I do intend to transfer my pants change into the coat when I remember, just to keep that going. Not much time left on that.

Don was out fixing our gutters this weekend. One side came crashing down in January from ice or the lack thereof. Another thing that fell was this mummified pigeon:

Isn’t that freaky? I didn’t know things would mummify in this climate. I admire people who work with bones and stuff but…I don’t know how you could spin something like this. He doesn’t look very happy. There’s always hats, I suppose.

March 9, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Here are the beads I’m giving away. Except for the Andres Serrano’s jar of pee (upper right-it has a crack starting in it though I highly doubt it will come apart) they’re all sound. The Serrano bead is probably one of my favorite bead ideas ever. I was trying to make a double of the one on Etsy but it cracked.

Anemone guy (front left) is perfect but he creeps me out.

In the back you can see octopus on a ham. That’s a huge bead. He had seven tentacles at first. You’d be surprised how often that happens with the octopodes. I had to add an eighth and then I didn’t like how the spacing came out on them. I spent a lot of time on that only to have the tentacles get melty. That pissed me off so I want to get rid of that one.

In the center is Squid (or octopus) Taking  a Dump. A while back fellow bead maker Mary Ann emailed me an idea about squid-doo so I made that one. I guess that since it’s the only squid taking a dump bead I’ve ever seen, it is also the most convincing…but I bet there’s a lot of room for improvement on that one. Plus, there were no Google images of squid poop so I had to use the power of my imagination. That’s always a mixed bag. One good thing about that bead is that the poop is all brown mixed stringer encased in clear–just like hedgehog quills. So none of the trial and error color mixing went to waste.

In the front we’ve got an early little octopus on brain jar and a twinkie covered in ants. Or spiders. Ants are hard to make, you guys. I’d put them on everything if they were easy.

So, what I’m thinking for the contest is the closest three guesses get to pick two beads. Closest one picks first, etc.  Eventually someone will end up with the ant Twinkie and the Squid Taking a Dump.

My coat is doing ok. It’s a well-made garment. It’s lining is compartmentalized like the Titanic so the change is all staying in there, jingling around. I would like to talk about it more but I can’t. Twelve more days!

First ant of Spring
March 1, 2010, 2:02 pm
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Look who it is! It’s the first large, black ant to appear in the store this year. Ants are not a sometimes pest for me-we have little red ants year-round in our bathroom. Maybe because of the global warming and maybe because the joint isn’t getting any cleaner. Anyway, were this particular black ant a character in the Kurt Vonnegut novel “Galapagos”, he would have an asterisk next to his name indicating that he was going to die within the next 24 hours (or 5 minutes, as was the case.) RIP, first ant of Spring. You were documented and enjoyed.