Aardvark Art Glass

Almost Done, I think.
December 29, 2007, 1:43 pm
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lizard knob

I just popped by the studio to pick up the last two glass pieces I made for the house. It was really fun this week just making stuff for me. I made this big lizard knob for a cabinet in my work area. It’s almost 2″ across. I made a tap handle for our new beer refrigerator out of that creature I made for the Watch Me Create blog:

creature tap handle

I had to make a new body to accomodate the threaded rod. It’s pretty easy to turn beads functional with threaded rod and JB Weld Steel glue. That’s how I make the knobs too. I’ve always been leery of applying  the hot glass right on top of a metal fixture–over nuts or over a threaded rod. Gluing them in afterwards seems to work just fine.

I’ll be back up on Ebay in not too long. We’re finishing up a lot of stuff at the house today and then we clean up.


Year of the Giant Knobs
December 27, 2007, 2:45 pm
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knobby knobs

I like these knobs. That’s all I have to say today.

Ye Gods…
December 26, 2007, 4:08 pm
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The kitchen bar project is metastasizing into an episode. A host of improvements are happening suddenly in other areas. I am most excited about finishing the drywalling in my work area. The wall was taken down to the studs last year when our sewer pipe broke causing the great Cosmic Shitstorm of ’07. I was fine with the studs but drywall looks nicer.  And you can hang art on it. We’re also getting rid of the giant beer refrigerator that sat in the corner and turning that into a seating area with one or perhaps two chairs that look like this or perhaps like this. I have always always wanted shoe and/or hand chairs but never had a spot for them. It’s a dream come true, I tell you.

I may not be around much between now and New Year’s on account of the project. I should be making beads today but I’m trying to finish up knobs for the cabinets. I really, really wonder what’s going to happen after I’m gone to all of this crap we’ve been making for the house. It is a sight. I think it’s the best house ever. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to tear it down or keep it the same, though.

Name The New Year Contest
December 24, 2007, 12:48 pm
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busy linoleum

We’re back at work in the kitchen installing new cabinets and removing the old. Yesterday we removed the old sink and found this enchanting linoleum beneath. It is strikingly similar to a rug we have in the living room. I kind of like it. All of the kitchen activity relates to the fact that we want to have a bar in the kitchen for our New Year’s Eve party. We should have the place cleaned up  by then. I hope.

For the new bar, which is actually a nifty curved display case I’ve had for years in the store, I chose an ice bucketfrom the vast selection on Ebay. It’s sort of beat up but, you know, what isn’t? I really like the font that the word “Love” is drawn in. LOVE! I LOVE ICE!

Ah, crap, I don’t know what to do today–stay here at the store where it’s warm and clean and make beads or go home and try not to make things worse there. The house is at the point where it’s such a mess that it bothers me even though I’m separated from it spatially. A new and uncomfortable feeling, this one. What to do, what to do.

While I ruminate on what to do today I might as well tell you about Lost School’s name the year contest. Each New Year’s Eve (since we’ve had the house) we come up with a new name for the year. ’07 was the Year of the Apocalopse (pronounced “a-POC-ca-lops”) which is the imaginary mascot of the Lost School and ’06 was The Year of No Consequences. So far we do not have a “Year of the _____”  for ’08 though we have been trying very hard to think of one.

Would you like to help us name 2008? If you do, just leave your suggestion for the year name in the comment area. A winner will be decided among popular vote of whomever shows up at our house on New Year’s Eve. Even if we don’t find a winning suggestion and end up using a name of our own, everyone who comments will be eligible to win an interesting treat of some kind in a random drawing which will also be held on New Year’s Eve at our party. If we use your suggestion you will receive the grand prize which will be two interesting treats. Right now I’m not sure what the treats will be but rest assured there’s no shortage of interesting things lying around here. Each individual may post up to two comments, though your name will go into the hat but once. Good luck! You have until 6pm CST on Dec. 31 to comment.

The Adventures of Leafman
December 17, 2007, 1:11 pm
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Meet Leafman! I don’t know much about him. This comic strip just showed up in the books one day. A guy named Dave drew it. Leafman is a super hero and his arch nemeses are an evil light bulb and an evil muffin. I’m not sure what the light bulb used to incapacitate Leafman in the second frame. Something is going on there.

So the noteworthy news is that I successfully backwards wrote on a piece of glass in letters that are about the same size as the text on a dime. I had to throw out the notion of replicating the original author’s handwriting because it was actually even smaller than mine and some of it was cursive. Normally I don’t hunker down and making myself learn how to do something for no immediate reason. It’s probably a good idea to try that every once in a while. Word bubbles could be a useful element in beads kinda generally.

sdrawkcaB gnitirW
December 14, 2007, 1:11 pm
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mad tree for sale

Click on the tree!

Yesterday I spent a bunch of time trying to master the art of writing backwards on glass in letters that are about two millimeters high. That seems like the kind of thing one could learn if they practiced, doesn’t it? I’m doing this because I’m trying to reproduce some frames of comic strips that the Lost School wrote eons ago. The comic is called “The Adventures Of Leafman” and there isn’t anything in it that the general public is going to understand or care about. So basically I’m putting a lot of effort into insuring my beads will continue their descent down the ladder of popularity. Why not. In the end it is I who will know how to write backwards on glass in tiny letters. I’m going to lord that over all of you.

In other news…I went to the post office today and noted that they had a new series of stamps celebrating pollination. No, not Polynesia, pollination. On the stamps were pictures of all the great pollinators of the world-hummingbirds, the soon to be extinct bee and even a bat. I was really glad to see bats getting a little good press. They have a hell of a time. Though the purpose of the stamps was probably to raise the public’s bee-awareness, I thought it equally possible that the stamps were a general celebration of animals that help plants get planted. If that’s the case then I think the next stamp series should depict all the different animals that generate plant life by eating seeds and then pooping them out onto the ground. You could have, like…monkeys…and certain birds…I don’t know…maybe people did that too at one time. They may still in warmer climates. Anyway, I think that would be a dandy stamp series. That’s my thought of the day.

Smoking Dinosaur
December 11, 2007, 3:44 pm
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smoking dinosaur

Smoking dinosaur with a gun is going up for sale this evening. Another labor intensive bead from down in my soul for you, the public, to enjoy. If it helps you come to terms with this image the dinosaur is pointing the gun at a cactus that has it’s arms up. The cactus isn’t pictured on the bead because there wasn’t room without making the bead huge. Also, in my opinion, the dinosaur is relatively rich subject matter. Also, would it matter if I put the cactus in there? Would you like a smoking dinosaur with a gun bead better if there was a cactus in it? I’m not psychic. You have to tell me these things. Your opinion is important to me. Especially if you’re inclined to buy one of these beads. Then it’s very important.

In other news, it will not stop snowing here. And there just isn’t anything else to talk about. I’m going to try to make the snow-pile in front of the store obscure the front window. That’s my goal for the winter.