Aardvark Art Glass

look how cute
June 13, 2011, 2:23 pm
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I’ve been waiting to have a picture of something to post here. Not much has been going on. Business is at a slow crawl. I started doing some wholesaling to the Cave of the Mounds gift shop. That might be the best gig ever. Kudos to the gift shops that buy local artwork at a decent price. You don’t see that everyday.

In other news: I am obsessed with T-Bone now. He’s always been pretty great but recently I found out he likes going outside and digging in the grass. Outside used to freak out all of our other hedgehogs, but T-Bone just sniffs and digs and sits on his ass right out in the open. If you wait long enough he’ll make a nest and go to sleep in the Creeping Charlie. Sometimes he sniffs with such vigor I can’t get a picture of his face in focus.  So, we’ve been doing that every day, going outside, and it is a blast. I want to take him down by the lake next and see if he likes that. I would like that, very much.

Boy, I sure wish I could think of something to say. My brain is working really well right now. That’s news. Unfortunately, I have nothing to chat about so I can’t dazzle you with my newly-found thinking powers. Maybe next time.