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Post Halloween Weekend
October 30, 2007, 2:47 pm
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That JC Herrellgal came to our home on Saturday where she was welcomed into the collective heaving bosom of Lost School. What an excellent time that was! If you’ve never met JC, which is unlikely because she’s forever going from place to place meeting people, but if you haven’t met her you should know that she is very funny. I can’t specifically remember what she said I just remember laughing a lot. I highly recommend inviting her to a party. I also recommend buying her beads. I bought one of her’s a few weeks ago on the Ebay. I’m not saying how much it was but I think we all know Ebay prices are in the toilet right now so…you know…buyer’s market. Anyway, JC’s bead is my “normal” bead (by ‘normal’ I mean that it is beautiful and elegant and not scary in any way) that I wear to places where it’s inappropriate, or perhaps just inadvisable to wear something that is screaming…like my psychiatrist’s office or a funeral. That sort of thing. It’s always good to have something that isn’t screaming in the bank.

But anyway, back to the house on Saturday. I’m really glad JC picked this weekend to come up because we definitely had extra strangeness happening. The trio of metalworkers Erika, Aaron and Missy were in the neighborhood on their way to a party when they stopped by. Erika, the lady welder, a girl after my own heart, was dressed as the banana from the Don Hertzfeldt  animated film “Rejected“.

erika and pingo

If she doesn’t look exactly like the banana in the movie it’s probably because she made her costume out of an old patio umbrella rather than a specially made form-fitting banana suit. That’s how she rolls–it’s all recycle, recycle, recycle. That is the most excellent, scary banana costume made out of an umbrella that I have ever seen.

In her hands Erika is holding something else made out of recycled materials.


I gave her a 16oz cup full of rejected mask beads and she made bead stands for them!  Isn’t this one awesome? The body is some kind of chain. I’m not sure what the rest is, but it’s something that she could tell you about ’cause she knows where everything she uses comes from. She’s got the name, “Pingo”, and “2007” welded on the legs. I thought we should give away little combs with them and sell them  under the name “My Hideous Pony”. It rocks, too! Do you love it? If you love it, please tell me. If you want to purchase something like this let me know because she’s making more of them.

I am totally fixated with glass painting. Specifically with getting the image of Abe Lincoln driving a tiny car onto a bead. He’s not driving the car onto the bead in the image–he’s just driving along. Anyway, I can think of nothing else right now. I gotta go finish that up.


Halloween Weekend
October 26, 2007, 5:18 pm
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Hey! I wrote a bit for the Watch Me Create blog about a little project that sucked up a bunch of my time this week. It’s called “Pimp My Music Light“. It’s a light romp with a few heavier undertones about being true to the found objects you use in your work. Enjoy!

So it’s Halloween weekend here in Madison. You would think, you would think very, very hard that Halloween would be right up my movie but living downtown has pretty muched ruined it for me. It never even crosses my mind to attend the giant Halloween clusterfuck that occurs on State St. every year. Thousands of people, lines at the bar and lines at the bathroom are three main reasons. General disinterest is another.

They seem to have resolved the rioting issues that plagued the party in years past by making it an event for which  you have to purchase a ticket to attend. Since it’s an official party now (rather than just an enormous out of control gathering) stages with bands and food carts have been added. A friend of mine bandied about years ago that if you give a drunken crown something to watch and something to eat they won’t get so hammered and they won’t go around smashing up windows. It took city officials a while to come to the same conclusion, but they have now and it seems to be working. So good for you city! And thanks for the giant garbage cans you gave out a few weeks ago–they’re working great, too!

Speaking of the giant city-issue garbage cans, I saw something picture worthy the other day. Someone managed to stuff an entire futon  mattress into one of those cans. Probably a twin size–but good quality–it was thick! The bloated can was laying on it’s side in a driveway, spent from what looked like a mighty struggle. Even though, after not having my camera at the Ween show, I solemnly vowed to carry my camera ALWAYS with me, I did not have it when I saw the stuffed can. Dammit, dammit, dammit. But I digress…

Back to the Halloween thing. We may end up doing something or going somewhere on actual Halloween next Wednesday. I think this because Don expressed an interest in an Osama Bee Ladin costume. It seems unlikely that he would want such a get up just to wear around the house. The Great Dane is probably having some kind of a soiree. Anyway, he’s got that whole giant beard thing going so most of the outfit is done. We just need antennae and some kind of black and yellow thorax.  Me, I guess I’ll go as the patient and understanding wife of Osama Bee Ladin. No need to dress up for that one.

magnets and phone calls
October 24, 2007, 7:00 pm
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I had absolutely nothing to do last night so I poured a bunch of those little bottlecap magnet thingies that I had been giving away with away with bead purchases. I love giving those away but I hate making them. It takes hours. Now I have about a hundred of them so once again you will receive a bottlecap magnet with your Ebay purchase. Hooray! I am doing something after all!

I’m bored. Don’s not around to amuse me with his antics. He’s busy brewing beer from sun up to late at night. An arcane state law that prohibited any given brewery from selling it’s beer at more than two locations in a city was just lifted. The Great Dane has been waiting for this to happen since they built a third pub about a year ago. While this means nothing to normal people it is very big news here.

Anyway, in an effort to entertain myself at home I decided to answer the phone when it rang. One call that I got was from a collection agency trying to find a guy who lived in our house before we bought it two years ago. The weird thing about it was that it was automated. It was just a voice requesting that Nicholas somebody get in touch with such and such collection agency. I wonder how much success they’re having with that strategy? No one listens to automated phone calls. I only listened because an automated call from a collection agency sounded like one of those worst idea ever things that I like to talk about in the blog.

That’s all I got for you today…except for this picture of a flower that Don made out of a summer sausage casing.

October 19, 2007, 11:29 am
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Me and Don are going to go see Ween tonight. I tell all of you this not to incite you to go see them as well but because I need you to visit their website. The index page is a masterpiece of dementia. I want one just like it. In order to see it you need flash 5 and then click on the hand giving you the finger. Please visit it- it’s really, really weird. Here’s the link.

Stinky Backpack Mystery: a book review
October 17, 2007, 5:25 pm
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david lynch book

It’s patchouli. My backpack smells like patchouli. I’m not a huge fan of that particular smell so I don’t own anything that smells like it. I was really puzzled about where the smell was coming from until I figured out that the source was my used David Lynch book, “Catching The Big Fish”, that I bought on Amazon.com. FYI to people selling used items: NO ONE is going to believe that the goods you are selling come from a smoke-free home if you have so much patchouli smell in your home or business that it permeates your merchandise.

So anyway, hippie smell aside, Lynch’s book is an excellent read. The “Watch Me Create” followers or anyone interested in other artist’s opinions about creativity ought to check it out. Much of it deals with expanding your creative horizons through transcendental meditation. I don’t really understand any of that though I can grasp the concept and it is interesting. It might also explain the patchouli smell, come to think about it. Transcendental meditation also goes a long way in explaining, in  a way, Lynch’s unique movie making methods. That’s something I’ve been wondering about for a long, long time. The man never does commentaries with his movies so this book is it as far as an explanation for anything goes. 

The book is less about his movies in particular than it is creativity in general. Lynch has worked in pretty much every medium at one time or another. I think he might be a genius, even, though the jury is still out on that. You could apply his theories to most creative endeavors. It’s just a neat, short read and I got my copy for about $5. Look for it at your local library if you don’t want to feed the Amazon monster.

Is this thing on?
October 16, 2007, 9:18 pm
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Hello? Hello! Hello?! I’m typing on my shiny new blogpage now. It’s kind of a sterile experience compared to typing right on my cluttered website. Look at me! Look at me! I am enjoying the perfect bell to whistle ratio of this scene. It’s counting the words I’m typing. That’s new.

That Lori Greenberg is some kind of blog page maven. Did you see that she made a link to ebay using the ornery pumpkin bead? If you went to ebay and bid on that pumpkin two things would happen: 1. You would be the first person to bid on that pumpkin and 2. You’d have a shot at owning the famous ornery pumpkin that I use as a link button on my website. Frankly, I think you’d be a fool if you didn’t bid on the ornery pumpkin bead now.

Wow. I’ve typed 142 words already. About nothing. I’m beat. Maybe tommorrow I’ll tell you what my backpack smells like and why. Stay tuned.