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Halloween Weekend
October 26, 2007, 5:18 pm
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Hey! I wrote a bit for the Watch Me Create blog about a little project that sucked up a bunch of my time this week. It’s called “Pimp My Music Light“. It’s a light romp with a few heavier undertones about being true to the found objects you use in your work. Enjoy!

So it’s Halloween weekend here in Madison. You would think, you would think very, very hard that Halloween would be right up my movie but living downtown has pretty muched ruined it for me. It never even crosses my mind to attend the giant Halloween clusterfuck that occurs on State St. every year. Thousands of people, lines at the bar and lines at the bathroom are three main reasons. General disinterest is another.

They seem to have resolved the rioting issues that plagued the party in years past by making it an event for which  you have to purchase a ticket to attend. Since it’s an official party now (rather than just an enormous out of control gathering) stages with bands and food carts have been added. A friend of mine bandied about years ago that if you give a drunken crown something to watch and something to eat they won’t get so hammered and they won’t go around smashing up windows. It took city officials a while to come to the same conclusion, but they have now and it seems to be working. So good for you city! And thanks for the giant garbage cans you gave out a few weeks ago–they’re working great, too!

Speaking of the giant city-issue garbage cans, I saw something picture worthy the other day. Someone managed to stuff an entire futon  mattress into one of those cans. Probably a twin size–but good quality–it was thick! The bloated can was laying on it’s side in a driveway, spent from what looked like a mighty struggle. Even though, after not having my camera at the Ween show, I solemnly vowed to carry my camera ALWAYS with me, I did not have it when I saw the stuffed can. Dammit, dammit, dammit. But I digress…

Back to the Halloween thing. We may end up doing something or going somewhere on actual Halloween next Wednesday. I think this because Don expressed an interest in an Osama Bee Ladin costume. It seems unlikely that he would want such a get up just to wear around the house. The Great Dane is probably having some kind of a soiree. Anyway, he’s got that whole giant beard thing going so most of the outfit is done. We just need antennae and some kind of black and yellow thorax.  Me, I guess I’ll go as the patient and understanding wife of Osama Bee Ladin. No need to dress up for that one.


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