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Is this thing on?
October 16, 2007, 9:18 pm
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Hello? Hello! Hello?! I’m typing on my shiny new blogpage now. It’s kind of a sterile experience compared to typing right on my cluttered website. Look at me! Look at me! I am enjoying the perfect bell to whistle ratio of this scene. It’s counting the words I’m typing. That’s new.

That Lori Greenberg is some kind of blog page maven. Did you see that she made a link to ebay using the ornery pumpkin bead? If you went to ebay and bid on that pumpkin two things would happen: 1. You would be the first person to bid on that pumpkin and 2. You’d have a shot at owning the famous ornery pumpkin that I use as a link button on my website. Frankly, I think you’d be a fool if you didn’t bid on the ornery pumpkin bead now.

Wow. I’ve typed 142 words already. About nothing. I’m beat. Maybe tommorrow I’ll tell you what my backpack smells like and why. Stay tuned.


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I luff you!!! now the whole world can know!!!

yours very truly,


Comment by jean

comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment

I’m so happy to see you here!

If you don’t get notice of this comment, let me know. Gotta get you all set up like a real admin.


Comment by lori g.

I am basking in the glow of the love of my comment leavers! I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Comment by Cathy Lybarger

Very kewl stuff, although I gotta say, the font was wayyyy small, but that’s okay, squinting gives character! =)

Comment by Debbie

Now that I can leave a comment, I find my mind is a total blank=:0 I really look forward to reading your blog dailey. You make me laugh and I love your beads!


Comment by Rosanne Garvison

Wow! Great new page! That Lori Greenberg, she’s a dynamo.

That pumpkin kicks arse.

Rock on!

Comment by Beady

Ack! TINY font! Nooooooo…. help, we’re all too old for this set-up (squint, squint)

–PLEEEEAAASSSE Cathy, have Lori fix this and bring back the old font size and appearance again (or your blog just won’t be a happy thing for most of us, despite the nifty comment feature.)

Now it is true that I always like to have my cake and eat it too (my mantra: “When In Doubt, Do Both!”) but really it should not be too much to expect that one can have both comment capability AND legibility in the same blog!

O.k., there’s my two cents (in tiny print, no doubt!)


Comment by Annie

Holy crap!
Hi everyone who commented! I will get the old font size back by the next post. I agree wholeheartedly that this one is too small. I’ll try and edit this last one to make it bigger.

Comment by Cathy Lybarger

When I woke up this afternoon, I had no idea I would be able to leave a comment here. I guess it would have been worth waking up earlier to do this (and to read other comments as well). I am hoping to use this area as motivation to start my day earlier from now on.

Comment by Idel

what about…the BACKPACK????

Comment by jean

I just paid $15 earth dollars so I can have a bigger font and keep the page the way it is design-wise. That Lori gal is working tirelessly as we speak. The back pack story is forthcomong!In the meantime you may want to imagine to yourselves what it smells like.

Hi Idel! nice to read you here!

Comment by cathylybarger

Hee hee hee. Now she can do anything she wants. She bought the big daddy upgrade package. See how much Cathy loves you all? I got the main stuff bigger and will do the other stuff later. For now, you can read better, I hope.

Sorry for that…I noticed the small font but thought it was just because I have a high res. laptop that I was working on.

Back to my goal…getting artsy people blogging in hopes of world domination…


Comment by lori g.

Two things in life I have trouble avoiding: priority mail and cheese doodles (a/k/a orange-colored, crispy air). I continue to pay folding money for both and, in return, am unfailingly mocked by each. Priority mail remains in possession of my most recent Aardvart mask purchase, although it should be in my hands by now. I’ll get even, priority mail…just you wait and see. I’m not sure how yet, but I will. To make matters worse, I can’t even threaten the cheese doodles since they are capable of alimentary retaliation. Thank goodness for Zoloft.

Comment by Idel

You do seem to get the dirt end of the stick with the shipping. Tommorrow it will be there or I will buy you a bag of healthful cheese doodles from the store where James works. They taste like packing peanuts but they’re good for you! And they go great with Zoloft!

Comment by cathylybarger

A most generous offer, Cathy…Z-snacks! Although tempting, I’m hoping Atlas shows instead. At this hour I am surrounded by vials of buspar, xanax, skelaxin and the heavy-hitting Vitamin V, in anticipation of a neural-transmitting skirmish with cruel fate. I AM READY FOR YOUR CAPRICE, PRIORITY MAIL!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Comment by Idel

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