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Stinky Backpack Mystery: a book review
October 17, 2007, 5:25 pm
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david lynch book

It’s patchouli. My backpack smells like patchouli. I’m not a huge fan of that particular smell so I don’t own anything that smells like it. I was really puzzled about where the smell was coming from until I figured out that the source was my used David Lynch book, “Catching The Big Fish”, that I bought on Amazon.com. FYI to people selling used items: NO ONE is going to believe that the goods you are selling come from a smoke-free home if you have so much patchouli smell in your home or business that it permeates your merchandise.

So anyway, hippie smell aside, Lynch’s book is an excellent read. The “Watch Me Create” followers or anyone interested in other artist’s opinions about creativity ought to check it out. Much of it deals with expanding your creative horizons through transcendental meditation. I don’t really understand any of that though I can grasp the concept and it is interesting. It might also explain the patchouli smell, come to think about it. Transcendental meditation also goes a long way in explaining, in  a way, Lynch’s unique movie making methods. That’s something I’ve been wondering about for a long, long time. The man never does commentaries with his movies so this book is it as far as an explanation for anything goes. 

The book is less about his movies in particular than it is creativity in general. Lynch has worked in pretty much every medium at one time or another. I think he might be a genius, even, though the jury is still out on that. You could apply his theories to most creative endeavors. It’s just a neat, short read and I got my copy for about $5. Look for it at your local library if you don’t want to feed the Amazon monster.


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Jim likes patchouli. how old does a person have to be to like it? I bet David Lynch is around the age Jim and I are.

As for genius, darn! I have no idea! Occasionally memorable.

Books about creativity in general are fun!

Comment by jean

‘Round here the average age of patchouli enthusiasts is 19. That’s also the average age of people living here. Always with the 19. They never grow old they just graduate and break off and emerge as new patchouli wearing growth.
Re: the genius thing: Lynch is proficient in many media–printmaking, writing etc. His ability in these other areas has motivated me to want to gleen what I can from his movies which, according to him,(and also from my cursory observations) contain no apparent or hidden meaning. This is an irony that often angers me. Maybe one day I’ll discover a meaning and maybe one day I’ll be able to sleep. I don’t know which one I want the most. I just pray to God that one will come.
I love you Jean!

Comment by cathylybarger

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