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Battle of the non-prophets
July 20, 2011, 11:08 am
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Here’s a true story:

This fellow, Jeff, is a friend of my vending partner, Katy. Jeff mans the Veterans for Peace table near the Capitol, across the street from my stand. Several weeks ago Jeff had an unpleasant encounter with an unusually vocal and batshit End of the World proselytizer. While encroaching on Jeff’s space, the proselytizer was was screaming about whatever it is they scream about. Words were exchanged, etc. After the incident, Jeff went home and modified his “This is What Democracy Looks Like!” sign to read “This is What Going Off Your Meds Looks Like!” Every Saturday, Jeff brings the sign with him in the hope that, when the preacher comes back, he can stand next to him holding the sign while the guy is screaming. Such dedication to what would be very funny joke. I hope the guy comes back soon. Certainly he wasn’t raptured after hassling the Veterans For Peace. Straight to hell with people who do that, I say.

So, guess what? It’s really hot here. I bet no one has discussed that lately. We made an air-conditioned zone in our living room within which I built a nest made out of pillows and blankets so I can sleep with the a/c and the fan blasting on me. T-Bone moved downstairs, too, since it’s over 90 degrees in the upstairs bathroom.  About the only time I’m outside is when I walk to work or walk T-Bone around the back yard. Here is another picture of the boy:

The foliage in the back yard is dead, pretty much, except around the tractor tires where the hedgehog likes to dig with his tiny paws and also where I like to sit on my ass and pant. Such is the Summer time. Enjoy it while it’s here.


July 5, 2011, 1:51 pm
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I was just sitting at the computer drinking grapefruit juice and minding my own business when I noticed that there was a giant white moth in my drink.

Something to write about! Finally!

Since the cap was on the bottle, I have no idea how that guy got in there or, more importantly, how he got in there without me seeing him go in. Usually I’m pretty tuned in on anything hovering around my drink. It’s also notable that this was probably the first time in my life that I put a cap back on a beverage that I was in the process of drinking. Could he have been on the underside of the lid when I put it back on? I always knew lids were a bad idea.

I wanted to save my beverage so I fished out the moth with a plastic spoon. The extraction took a surprisingly long time and it was stressful for both of us. Due to his hearty constitution and mysterious, bottle entering qualities, I named the moth Miracle. His antennae were at haft-mast when I pulled him out but he was still alive.

I released him back out to the wild where, doubtless, a bird will enjoy him especially now that he’s infused with delicious 20% grapefruit juice and sugar. Better luck next life, moth. I hope you didn’t lay eggs in my juice because I’m drinking the rest of it.

Meanwhile, everything is going well here in Aardvark Land. Business is picking up so I feel like I have a job for the first time since last year. I made a cast paper piece using skin shed by Lucy, my beautiful iguana.

The dragonflies are the skin part. Here’s a detail:

Neat, yes? I think this is my favorite piece so far.

I also framed that cancer necklace thing I was working on for months:

I used several of the beads I was gifted last winter-Beau Barret’s heart, Nancy’s boobie bead and Patty Lankensmith’s crazy pendant, which is a glass mouth inside a metal cage. That one perfectly represents the metallic taste you get in your mouth from chemo. And it’s cool-looking. My beads include chemo monster, radiation zombie and sun, needle biopsy tumor, happy tumor, sentinel lymph node, yeast infection and red and white blood cells. It’s pretty impressive. Also impressive is the fact I finally posted a picture.

Well, I have to get back to work. If more bugs get in my juice, you’ll be the first to know.