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Post Halloween Weekend
October 30, 2007, 2:47 pm
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That JC Herrellgal came to our home on Saturday where she was welcomed into the collective heaving bosom of Lost School. What an excellent time that was! If you’ve never met JC, which is unlikely because she’s forever going from place to place meeting people, but if you haven’t met her you should know that she is very funny. I can’t specifically remember what she said I just remember laughing a lot. I highly recommend inviting her to a party. I also recommend buying her beads. I bought one of her’s a few weeks ago on the Ebay. I’m not saying how much it was but I think we all know Ebay prices are in the toilet right now so…you know…buyer’s market. Anyway, JC’s bead is my “normal” bead (by ‘normal’ I mean that it is beautiful and elegant and not scary in any way) that I wear to places where it’s inappropriate, or perhaps just inadvisable to wear something that is screaming…like my psychiatrist’s office or a funeral. That sort of thing. It’s always good to have something that isn’t screaming in the bank.

But anyway, back to the house on Saturday. I’m really glad JC picked this weekend to come up because we definitely had extra strangeness happening. The trio of metalworkers Erika, Aaron and Missy were in the neighborhood on their way to a party when they stopped by. Erika, the lady welder, a girl after my own heart, was dressed as the banana from the Don Hertzfeldt  animated film “Rejected“.

erika and pingo

If she doesn’t look exactly like the banana in the movie it’s probably because she made her costume out of an old patio umbrella rather than a specially made form-fitting banana suit. That’s how she rolls–it’s all recycle, recycle, recycle. That is the most excellent, scary banana costume made out of an umbrella that I have ever seen.

In her hands Erika is holding something else made out of recycled materials.


I gave her a 16oz cup full of rejected mask beads and she made bead stands for them!  Isn’t this one awesome? The body is some kind of chain. I’m not sure what the rest is, but it’s something that she could tell you about ’cause she knows where everything she uses comes from. She’s got the name, “Pingo”, and “2007” welded on the legs. I thought we should give away little combs with them and sell them  under the name “My Hideous Pony”. It rocks, too! Do you love it? If you love it, please tell me. If you want to purchase something like this let me know because she’s making more of them.

I am totally fixated with glass painting. Specifically with getting the image of Abe Lincoln driving a tiny car onto a bead. He’s not driving the car onto the bead in the image–he’s just driving along. Anyway, I can think of nothing else right now. I gotta go finish that up.


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Cathy, you and Don are FANTASTIC! I had such a great time at your house and I’m glad you think I’m funny because I think you are amazingly fun and funny and creative and so much more so…THANKS! I can’t wait to hang out again… You are always a treat.

Comment by jcherrell

I would totally TOTALLY buy a “my freaky pony”.

Comment by Julie

Hi JC-
We should rope Jeff Barber into coming over next Spring during the Madison Bead Show. Would that not be a hoot?

Comment by cathylybarger

Hi Julie-
YAY! I’ll tell her you like it. Send me an email at aardart@aol.com. (Dammit. I still don’t know how to make a link in these boxes.) Anyway, Erika said she had enough parts to make 3 more ponies. I can let you know when I get them. I have to get prices yet and stuff.

Comment by cathylybarger

Abe Lincoln!!!

Comment by jean

Yes, Abe Lincoln…in a tiny car. I’ll email you a pic.

Comment by cathylybarger

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