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Happy Halloween
November 2, 2011, 1:13 pm
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I was a dancing box of cigarettes for Halloween.

Sometimes, I was a peeing box of cigarettes. Had I known the best shot of me would have been the one on the toilet, I would have worn black underwear. When I get dressed, I never think about people seeing my underwear. I think that’s normal and ultimately a really good way to prepare one’s self for the day. At least there weren’t any holes in this pair.

I got the idea for this costume from this You Tube video. I chose Marlboro cigs over Old Gold because the box design is much simpler and I only had 4 days to make it. This project is noteworthy for several reasons:

1. I got an idea.

2. I decided to make a complex Halloween costume (I have not done this during my entire adult life.)

3. I made the costume all by myself.

4. The costume is very well-constructed and, unlike my awesome sandwich board,  painted exactly the same on both sides. I can’t remember ever painting anything the same way twice for any reason. I’m glad I got over that because I really need to finish that sandwich board–two-sided sandwich board, you got something. One-sided sandwich board, you got dick, and also a lot of people asking you why your sign is painted on only one side.

The event that spurred the creation of this get-up was an annual party put on in part by my shop mate, Missy, at the Howard Academy For Metal Arts in Stoughton, WI. The Howards do not mess around with the party throwing so I didn’t want to mess around with the costume wearing. And I figure dancing cigarettes are entertaining enough that they can be worked into other events throughout the year-New year’s for sure. I don’t know…I have to figure out something because I don’t have the room to store that thing.