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More meat news
April 11, 2012, 4:17 pm
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Great news everyone! A giant can of SPAM will be dancing around outside during the Meat Show on May 4th. The ingredients for the costume (gold foil, 10x2ft printed SPAM label, giant cardboard box) are ready to go. I’d hoped to have everything out of my living room and a picture of the completed piece by now but, since assembly requires a large amount of spray adhesive, we have to wait for the wind to die down outside before we can get it together. Or go to Erika’s studio and make it there. Either way there is going to be a dancing SPAM can at the show. That is what I want you to take away from this.

This is news, too: We got our house re-financed. I know that’s not a particularly difficult thing for most people to do but our bank, the Fuck Shit Piss Bank, likes to make things extremely difficult and expensive for people, even if you have stellar credit ratings and have paid off a third of your mortgage in 6 years. Thinking about the process kind of ticks me off  so, really long story short, we ended up going to a Credit Union and they refinanced us right away, like a normal lending institution would. Thanks Credit Union! So long, Stink Bank!

So, everything is moving right along and going swimmingly. As I was writing this post, the Fire Inspector popped into the store, which was a surprise. Fire inspectors are supposed to be a surprise (hence the term “surprise inspection”) but they’re not, really, because they always show up around Easter. I’m just surprised when anyone comes in here. I got a verbal pat on the head for having my gas tanks chained up and he did not cite me for anything. Yay!

Time is flying by and I have to go pick dandelions for the iguana’s supper. I’ll post more about meat when the art starts coming in.




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Now you’ve made me think of Spam and dandelion wine.

Comment by phil

I think you’d need something drier and redder and more taste bud killing to go with SPAM. Also, FYI, if you want to make friends and get the low-down on who does and does not use chemicals on their lawns, adopt a dandelion-consuming pet and request that people bring you their weeds. It’s a win-win.

Comment by cathylybarger

A taraxacumvore! Excellent idea. You could set up a lawncare business, taking a herd of taraxacumvores to people’s houses – green, no chemicals, no goat odors, and free fertilizer.

Which begs the question: what’s the collective noun for hedgehog? Pincushion?

Comment by phil

Folks in England who have it going on use hedgehogs to eradicate slugs from their gardens. Actually, I don’t know if they use them so much as they are just there anyway so they make the best of it. I’ve always referred to multiple hedgehogs as a “heard” but that doesn’t quite capture the awesomeness that is a group of hedgehogs. Have to work on that one. Probably someone in England has a better term. They have better terms for lots of things.

In Googling “taraxacumvore” I learned that taraxacum (dandelion) roots have a strong diuretic effect. Bloating is not really an issue for the lizard so knowing that about the root is positive information. No roots for the girl. Also, the only place on the web that word appears is in my comment area. Does it’s appearance make “Taraxacumvore” a real word now? Because it should be.

Comment by cathylybarger

If enough people use it “taraxacumvore” will be a word. But how many is enough?

Did some homework – it seems that the collective noun is “prickle” or “array”, take your choice. If there is a group of bunches of hedgehogs, we could have an array of prickles …

Comment by phil

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