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I was on the radio and six more things
March 23, 2012, 11:45 am
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My awesome pal Gianofer Fields produced a radio segment about my octopus beads for WUWM in Milwaukee. Ago, Gianofer worked for NPR but now she’s a freelance radio producer. Her asking me to participate in this series made me feel important, and the way she edited the piece made me sound kind of interesting and funny, like a person on the radio. I’m actually making an octopus bead as she interviews me. Here’s the link if you want to hear it. It’s part of a series where she talks to various craftspeople about their favorite tools. Interviews with Erika the welder, Aaron the blacksmith and Missy the jeweler are forthcoming. I like the way she promotes from within our group of friends–they are a goddamn talented bunch of people.

Now that I’ve shared that with you, I realize that if I can come up with six more things about myself, I can get out from under that blog award Jean bestowed upon me in my comment area. (Just kidding, Jean–I like writing seven things. As you know from my constant complaining, I’m  just not down with the tagging and the linking.)

So, I found out the other day that T-Bone is naturally predisposed to walking down the sidewalk. He seems to enjoy it more than walking in the grass. The implications of this are that it may one day be possible for me to walk down the block with my hedgehog next to me and blow people’s minds as they pass by. My dream is to walk down the street with T-Bone and introduce him to people as “My gentleman friend”. The last few days I’ve played that scenario over and over in my head. If I am able to do that there will truly be nothing left in life to wish for.

The other day I found two dollars on the ground. I used it to buy milk.

I have a patch of skin on my thumb that is peeling off in a perfect circle. It’s probably nothing but in the back of my mind I’m worried that it is ringworm.

This isn’t about me but it is a fun fact: The other day it was 83 degrees here. It has never been 83 degrees in March in Madison ever in the history of recorded temperatures. I read that on a weather site.

Last year, I counted the number of hats Don and I own. We have 72. We weeded out some but ended up just buying a bigger container for them. That’s our answer for everything.

I heard a show on WPR the other day about the dangers of eating canned soup (on account of the plastic lining inside the can being something you shouldn’t ingest). I still eat canned soup but now I’m afraid of it-that adds an interesting dynamic to my meals.

There. That wasn’t so hard.








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But why did they change Don’s name to Dan?!

Comment by gianofer

Dan is my other husband.

Comment by cathylybarger

Maybe you can get Dan to clean our basement.

Comment by Don

I made you do that AGAIN??? What decade is that from?
I want you to know that I started reading this without knowing I was going to be in it. I can be modest and interested in my fellow humans–it isn’t always “the jean show”!
I was SO proud to be listening to you on the radio and it was a great and well edited and funny and a fascinating segment. I didn’t know that’s how you made the octopi!!!
I would like to make a really funny joke here about Dan, but you guys really did a bang up job of working that one.
I am glad I came over to your blog today and got caught up on all your news! WOW a lot of stuff has been going on that is cool! xox jean

Comment by Jean Yates

The T Bone thing is AMAZING

Comment by Jean Yates

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