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and then there were four, or maybe just three.
December 28, 2008, 12:05 pm
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Did anyone pick December 27 as the day that I would realize that leaving food out for the possum might not be such a hot idea? Oh, that’s right. We never organized a pool. Well, if we had, and you would have picked Dec. 27, you would have won because I’m pretty sure that there’s more like four possums coming by now. Maybe there’s only three. There’s at least three. It’s  hard to tell because they look really similar. They behave quite differently, though. Arturo is small like Jeb but he doesn’t stop eating even if you use a flash to take his pictue. Another one, who either is or isn’t the “other” possum I mention frequently, runs as soon as someone looks out the back door. Since it likes to eat sitting on the porch ledge it has to traverse down a two inch wide piece of trim to reach the exit on the porch floor. It’s agile. That ones name is either “Nadia” or “Mr. Dreysdale”, depending on whether or not it is the “other” possum. Jeb didn’t even stop by last night.

So that’s my full disclosure of animal traffic on my porch. Hopefully, reading that took your mind off of any Important Problems About Things That Matter that you may be experiencing. I’ll be back with more opossum posts because I still have about four pounds of food left.

What a thumbing of the nose this is to the Year Of Curbing Your Inner Dumbass. Scooting all over my own tradition. I should be ashamed. To my credit, I was doing really well with curbing stupid impulses before the opossum came along. Ah well, who cares. I’m still alive. Yeah, so, 2009 is going to get named at the annual New Year’s Eve party. I’m holding out hope that if I just listen to Bob Foster blurt out enough things one of them is going to stick. (Speaking of Bob, he said something really funny the other day. He referred to shows like “Touched By An Angel” and “Highway To Heaven” as ‘spiritual pornography’. Bob’s not real big on angels. But I digress…) I think the New Year name should reflect something positive on account of Fearless Leader finally being out of the White House. But we have a hard time with positive so…who knows. Hopefully we’ll come up with something.


well, shut my mouth
December 24, 2008, 2:00 pm
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Something ate the Vitacrap. It’s not that that food is so horrible, it’s just not good for hedgehogs because they need a lot of protein. Why it is held up as being food for hedgehogs I will never know. I guess Jeb had to be out of all of the other treats before he tied into it. Here, Jeb is enjoying an apple core he found in the snow. He eats with his hands just like me.

Jeb feeding during the day is an unsettling new development. I was really surprised to see him there this morning right out in the open. He must have been going back and forth all night ’cause he wore a trail in the new snow.

The other possum, the one I don’t like as well, is back. In case you’re wondering how I know this, it’s because the possums have two different paths they take to get to the house. Other possum uses the stairs and Jeb goes down the tomato plant. Ne’er the twain shall meet. Perhaps the competition for food that’s bringing him out. There have been a lot of bunnies wandering around on the sidewalk lately too.

Well, here it is, Christmas Eve day. Don’s working so I’m working or “working” as I like to say. Talking about the possum and making beads is hardly work. Yet it is my job.

I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio this morning to a show where kids called in to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. One very young child wanted a set of Legos and for Bush and Cheney to be tried for war crimes. Kids are so cute when they’re that age. Listening to that show was about the only thing that differentiated Christmas Eve day from a regular day. Around here, no one really expects anything from us so nothing much happens. I should go pick up a chicken or something for the possum. I doubt he’s expecting anything from us, but I’d hate to disappoint him if he was.

Have a happy holidays, everybody!

scavenger diet
December 23, 2008, 3:04 pm
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Well, it’s warmer today…because it’s snowing again. That’s fine by me–snow doesn’t bother me so much at this point but I can’t abide the below zero temperatures. They make me wiggy. So, snow today and tomorrow but temps in the 20’s all week. I think I’ll make some beads, even. Yay!

So the Jebster is making his way to the back porch despite the frigid temps. Don shoveled him a path nearby where his footprints were and Jeb is actually using it. That blows my mind. I try and try and try to make my animal’s (hedgehog and iguana) lives easier and I’m just never right when I try to guess what they’re thinking and then formulate a way to help them. Most of the time they simply have no interest in what I invent for them. Other times it ends up being detrimental to their health in some unforseen way. Come to think of it, I’m not real intuitive with people either. Or plants. And yet I want to help. It is vexing.

But back to the opossum. I found something that seemingly no living animal will eat, including Jeb, who eats tinfoil. It is the one thing I really want to get rid of–a 5lb box of Vitacraft hedgehog food. Years ago when we purchased our last two hedgehogs, Cracker and Deet, we were misled by a young pet store employee into believing that Vitacrap was what the hedgehogs were eating in the store. When we got home it was clear that they had never eaten that food before in their lives. So we have a giant box of it now and no one will eat it–except birds. Well, a bird anyway–I didn’t see a bunch of them lining up for it. That’s a bad testimonial for a pet food. Opossums won’t eat it. Damn.

would you like to see another picture of Jeb?
December 20, 2008, 11:40 pm
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There he is!

the cold is freaking me out
December 16, 2008, 12:18 pm
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If you’ve heard some grunts and swearing and paper shuffling coming from the shop it’s because it’s too cold to torch and I’m scrambling around trying to find something else to do. I made some neat-o cool bead stands (see above) that are up on Etsy now. They were all made out of existing beads so the bodies and the heads may not match exactly. I don’t think that’s a giant deal. The interchangeable head feature is there so you can incorporate beads you currently own into the sculpture. You’re supposed to play with it, not keep it under glass somewhere always with the same bead on it, understand?  Word.

So, our pipes froze yesterday. Are we the first to have our pipes freeze? Do we get a prize? What’s amusing and a little annoying about the whole thing is; I’m sure that the reason they froze is due in part to the fact that we fixed up the downstairs bathroom. Plugging up long existing holes in walls and floors seems to interfere with delicate temperature balances inside the walls. So, to thaw the pipes Don opened up a wall in the kitchen that was installed maybe a year ago. Seems like our house won’t work unless there are holes in the walls somewhere. That dovetails nicely with my inability to choose a paint color for the kitchen. Good thing I didn’t do that, make a decision and then do something.

holiday gift guide/my favorite things

I’ve been surfing around Etsy for about 7-8 months now. Since then I’ve accumulated a lot of strange and beautiful objects in my “Favorites” folder. I feel compelled to show some of  them to you seeing as how it’s the holidays. Maybe you’re looking for something nice for a loved one?  Some of the things are kinda spendy but you can still look at them. Click on the links and check out the rest of their store inventories! It will be fun!

Keep warm and look like Bender from  “Futurama” with this Chris Cross Crafts Bender Bending Rodreguez crochet pattern. Only $5.00! Wow! Man not included.

I like bugs and old timey bicycles so I really like this “Steampunk Cicada” sculpture from Kochansky’s Etsy Store. These come with custom made shadowboxes so they’re easy to display. Check out her little squids, too, particularly “Knife Thrower”. Love that one!

I’ve linked to Trixie Delicious before but her inventory is always changing so it deserves a second look. Beware! Some content is for mature viewers only. Don’t go there unless you can handle it. (It isn’t any more profane than this  blog so I think your delicate sensibilities will  be all right.)

Tera Belinsky-Yoder (aka Beadygirl Beads) makes the coolest disc beads in the land. Unless she’s got some kind of time condensing secret going on I also believe that they are incredibly inexpensive for the amount of work that goes into them. Recently I spent a bunch of time trying to copy Tera’s designs, just trying to get the disc thing down. That’s a tough bead to make, I’m telling ya. I think mine are going to end up getting fused into scrap tiles because they look pretty hideous. Tera’s beads sell themselves so she doesn’t need any help from me. I just wanted to let you know about them because, if you like this kind of thing, knowing where to buy it will improve your life.

I’m not a shoe gal myself, but, DIG THESE SHOES! Aren’t those the coolest things ever? They’re from NDEUR SHOES’s Etsy Store. These run about $180. Is that a lot for shoes? I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything this neat so I don’t know how to price them.

Finally, something really affordable that we can all use–magnets! This one is from NIFTY STUFF MADE BY VOZ’s  Etsy store. Among the piles of magnets available on Etsy, these appealed to me most because a lot of them are grammar related so they remind me very much of people I know. Whether your friends are gay or they recycle or they use semi-colons, there’s a magnet here for you. They’re only $3. apiece, too. Priced right for surprise gift giving, I say!

Whew! Well, that didn’t take too long. I’ve been putting of writing this because I thought making all the links was going to give me fits. Not so bad, though. If  you want some more gift ideas, check out the rest of my favorites.

December 14, 2008, 1:29 pm
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Awwwww…look at him. Me and Jeb have been eating pepperoni pizza for the last three days. I feel ok but Jeb wasn’t looking so good Friday when it was really cold–he gets really slow and sad looking. He’s so tiny, too, I just worry about him. Anyway, I thought our diet might be part of the problem so today I went to the co-op and got us a chicken. Jeb got the neck and giblets in his spiffy new dish. (Yes, I have had a lot of time on my hands since Don’s been gone.)

There’s a sort of uncool wrinkle in the opossum saga. I watched Jeb eat tonight, then he went away, then I went away. I came back a couple of hours later and saw Jeb back at the bowl, wolfing it down–except it wasn’t Jeb. It was actually a much larger opossum-a more aggressive eater. I looked to the right to see the real Jeb hiding behind a decorative brick near the wall. So now I have that to contend with–some big opossum is bullying Jeb. No wonder he’s so little, poor guy. I wonder if it’s his mom. They look really similar.

So, in addition to Jeb not getting all of the food intended for him, the other bad thing about this situation is: one small opossum on the porch good, two opossums on the porch (or one on the porch and one pacing furtively across the driveway) not so good. For real, two opossums at the same time looks like an infestation. I didn’t sign up for that. Also, I don’t know if we produce enough scraps to feed two. I’m already eating more than I usually do just to keep Jeb in crusts and giblets. Too late now to stop messing with things, I guess. We’ll just have to see how it all plays out.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot–there’s a sale in the Etsy store. Out with the old, I say.