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Ham without a country
March 31, 2008, 10:57 am
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On the behalf of the entire television viewing community, I would like to thank HBO productions for (perhaps the first time in it’s history) taking the high road and not showing us Paul Giomatti’s ass during a brief yet enthusiastic love scene between John and Abagail Adams during the “John Adams” mini series. Prior to viewing it I had read a synopsis of episode four and was bracing myself for the inevitable eye load of doughy, Founding Father ham but it never materialized. I don’t think I’ve ever seen four episodes of anything on HBO without some full frontal nudity creeping in. If ever  a series called for modesty it would be this one. Then again it’s only half over. If they do show someones butt I pray it isn’t Ben Franklin or George Washington. Thomas Jefferson, maybe, but that’s about it.


Fish preview
March 27, 2008, 2:01 pm
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I’m getting these new fish down. This one is my favorite. Here’s the link.

Don’t forget to read TODAY’s FORTUNE.

good luck with that egg hunt
March 21, 2008, 12:38 pm
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spring snow

Of course it is still snowing here. We’re getting 6-8″ today. Earlier in the week it was sunny and 40 degrees. A lot of snow melted so I went for a walk with Bob Foster to the Chazen Museum to check out the UW faculty art show and whatever else was around. I didn’t attend the U so I’m not a big follower of faculty art or anything. I do like seeing what people are up to but mostly I just wanted to get out of the studio and walk somewhere…anywhere. Being inside all the time is getting really, really old.

It wasn’t a particularly interesting show but there was some good stuff. And on the way home I got a picture of a lone shoe for my photos of lone shoes collection.

lone shoe

Bob pointed out that the art world has been staring at it’s navel for a long time. I think that’s a fact.

Don and I started watching that HBO series about John Adams. It’s pretty good. I can’t get over how much Adam’s second youngest child looks like that kid in “The Shining”. That helps, because we watch everything Mystery Science Theater style, adding movie references and smart-ass comments to the dialogue whenever possible. So that’s fun. Also fun, for me anyway, is observing old-timey habits and adopting them as my own. As an homage to the Continental Congress, we’ve decided to adopt cane thumping (that is, thumping the end of your cane on the wooden floor in lieu of applause or whatever) as Lost School’s official expression of agreement or appreciation. Already we’ve stashed three canes in my work area. We intend to whip them out and thump them against the floor the next time Bob Foster says something pithy (like that comment about the art world). We know Bob is watching the series and this reference will make him laugh. This is how we amuse ourselves here during the bleak months.

not much to do
March 18, 2008, 6:34 pm
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creepy mannequin

This mannequin scared the bejesus out of me this morning. I’m in our basement almost never and I totally forgot it was down there…or that it had hair…or that it’s hand is positioned so it’s reaching out to you. Also, I had occasion to see the movie Disturbia the other day. It wasn’t super-duper scary but it had a bodies in the basement theme. It also had a male protagonist who for a portion of the film wore his pants belted just below his ass. I’ve seen people on COPS try to run with their pants down low like that and it never ends well for them. By the time this guy was running away from the inevitable attacker he changed his clothes so the low pants didn’t really impact the movie in any way. Anyway, the bodies in the basement part flashed into mind when I saw the mannequin. It’s creeping me out even now. Not so much the low pants anymore.

So last night I was hanging out with Don and Bob Foster when around midnight the power went out all over the neighborhood. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we learned it was a widespread outage before someone, perhaps me, ventured into the basement to check the box and happened upon that mannequin. That would have given me fits, I think.

It was up to us to make our own fun while the power was off. Me and Bob ate cheese while Don played the accordion.  Here’s a picture of me and Bob eating cheese

me and bob eating cheese

and here’s a picture of Don playing the accordion


The flash on the new, new tiny camera works really well. It was  dark in that room. Turns out we don’t own any candles. Bad time to find that out. I figured out that I could locomote in the dark fairly successfully if I used my camera to take a picture of whatever was in front of me as I walked. Not much else to do after you run out of cheese and there’s still no electricity.

more pictures
March 15, 2008, 2:14 pm
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Still I have pictures from Mexico. Rather than letting them continue to gather dust in the image host I shall post them now.

dr taco

Signage is so regulated in Madison. You’re not even supposed to use sandwich boards out on the sidewalk. In Mexico (and practically everywhere else except Madison) signs are wild and free. Some are there to entertain like this Dr. Taco sign. If you want, you can pretend that you are the giant shrimp! Who wouldn’t? We did but the employees of Dr. Taco were too busy to assist.

Don’t you love Dr. Taco? When I first heard of him I imagined that he would be a human sized taco dressed up like a doctor. That concept still makes more sense to me than the one of an actual doctor (who looks a lot like Einstein) who carries a large taco in lieu of a medical bag and has a giant prawn as a sidekick. But nevermind any of that! Dr. Taco is great just the way he is. And this sign is great.

I found another great sign in an aviary near the hotel:

no pinchy!

This brilliant graphic warns against removing plumage from the area. Substitute the bird shape with…well, almost anything and you could have a more all purpose warning advising American tourists just keep their hands off of things. I bet that’s a problem, too, what with all of the cheap booze and the over the counter Vicodin.

There were a lot of anthropomorphic character signs in Mexico.

happy tooth

I love stuff like this. This particular tooth reminds me of a tooth my mom drew a LONG time ago. She used to make filmstrips for VEC Industries. Remember filmstrips? Remember phones that you had to crank to make them go? They are practically contemporaries of one another. Anyway, way back when, my mom illustrated a film strip about dental hygiene. It starred an anthropomorphic tooth named Flory Fluoride. Flory looked like this tooth except he wore a sweater with an “F” emblazoned on it. Even without that filmstrip I probably would have fostered a life long love affair with things anthropomorphic. You never know for sure though.

I have to git on back to the homestead. We are having a triple birthday party tonight for Patrick, James and Bob Foster. They are 57, 37 and 57 respectively. It’s going to be a big one. I hope someone’s bringing food because all we have is booze. I’m making mojitos. There’s mint in those–that’s food, right? Anyway…stop on by if you’re in the area. Should be funzies.

Mind your coccyx
March 11, 2008, 10:54 am
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werm and rob

These are my pals Werm and Rob. We drove to Milwaukee together to catch our flight to Mexico. On the way down Rob complained of coccyx (tailbone) pain that resulted from a fall down a flight of ice-covered stairs. I, of course, went “Tee-hee” because, you know, Rob said “coccyx”. I’m pretty sure we all went “Tee-hee” because, you know, Rob said “coccyx”. Maybe it’s just funny when a boy says it.

Then on Saturday I fell backwards on an ice covered driveway and injured my own coccyx. I haven’t been moving around a lot since then and despite the fact that it hurts to wear pants and walk, I still find the word amusing, just not laugh out loud funny. Coccyx. Tee-hee. It’s funny no matter what.

Since it also hurts to sit I’ve been remiss in my listing of stuff on Ebay. Today’s the day, though. I’m feeling much better and I’m ready to go back to work. What a literal and figurative pain in the ass this injury is! Be really, really careful walking on the ice, kids! Mind your coccyx! (Tee-hee.)

Ice machine
March 7, 2008, 1:12 pm
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ice hammer

Isn’t this an interesting thing? I saw this machine in front of our house yesterday morning. Basically it’s a jack hammer attached to a piece of heavy equipment that breaks up the ice flows that form around storm drains. That’s interesting too. It’s March and there are ice flows that need jack hammering. The asshat groundhog was wrong.

Well, I inadvertently gave myself the day off by not ramping down the kiln last night. So now I’m off to have fun now looking for books about Mexican folk art. Why not? It’s too cold to torch anyway.

I do have stuff for Ebay. It’s still hot though so it won’t be up until later. Later!