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not much to do
March 18, 2008, 6:34 pm
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creepy mannequin

This mannequin scared the bejesus out of me this morning. I’m in our basement almost never and I totally forgot it was down there…or that it had hair…or that it’s hand is positioned so it’s reaching out to you. Also, I had occasion to see the movie Disturbia the other day. It wasn’t super-duper scary but it had a bodies in the basement theme. It also had a male protagonist who for a portion of the film wore his pants belted just below his ass. I’ve seen people on COPS try to run with their pants down low like that and it never ends well for them. By the time this guy was running away from the inevitable attacker he changed his clothes so the low pants didn’t really impact the movie in any way. Anyway, the bodies in the basement part flashed into mind when I saw the mannequin. It’s creeping me out even now. Not so much the low pants anymore.

So last night I was hanging out with Don and Bob Foster when around midnight the power went out all over the neighborhood. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we learned it was a widespread outage before someone, perhaps me, ventured into the basement to check the box and happened upon that mannequin. That would have given me fits, I think.

It was up to us to make our own fun while the power was off. Me and Bob ate cheese while Don played the accordion.  Here’s a picture of me and Bob eating cheese

me and bob eating cheese

and here’s a picture of Don playing the accordion


The flash on the new, new tiny camera works really well. It was  dark in that room. Turns out we don’t own any candles. Bad time to find that out. I figured out that I could locomote in the dark fairly successfully if I used my camera to take a picture of whatever was in front of me as I walked. Not much else to do after you run out of cheese and there’s still no electricity.


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