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good luck with that egg hunt
March 21, 2008, 12:38 pm
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spring snow

Of course it is still snowing here. We’re getting 6-8″ today. Earlier in the week it was sunny and 40 degrees. A lot of snow melted so I went for a walk with Bob Foster to the Chazen Museum to check out the UW faculty art show and whatever else was around. I didn’t attend the U so I’m not a big follower of faculty art or anything. I do like seeing what people are up to but mostly I just wanted to get out of the studio and walk somewhere…anywhere. Being inside all the time is getting really, really old.

It wasn’t a particularly interesting show but there was some good stuff. And on the way home I got a picture of a lone shoe for my photos of lone shoes collection.

lone shoe

Bob pointed out that the art world has been staring at it’s navel for a long time. I think that’s a fact.

Don and I started watching that HBO series about John Adams. It’s pretty good. I can’t get over how much Adam’s second youngest child looks like that kid in “The Shining”. That helps, because we watch everything Mystery Science Theater style, adding movie references and smart-ass comments to the dialogue whenever possible. So that’s fun. Also fun, for me anyway, is observing old-timey habits and adopting them as my own. As an homage to the Continental Congress, we’ve decided to adopt cane thumping (that is, thumping the end of your cane on the wooden floor in lieu of applause or whatever) as Lost School’s official expression of agreement or appreciation. Already we’ve stashed three canes in my work area. We intend to whip them out and thump them against the floor the next time Bob Foster says something pithy (like that comment about the art world). We know Bob is watching the series and this reference will make him laugh. This is how we amuse ourselves here during the bleak months.


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I am SO DOWN with the cane thumping.

Comment by kate

I find this entry extremely funny. Jim has a walking stick. I wonder if he could stop just driving around with it temporarily in the hopes of having someone join him in a hike, and bring it inside for a god session of cona thumping! here here!
Good point about art, too. Is everyone afraid, or just jaded?

Comment by jean

Hi Kate-
Yes, I think the cane thumping will be a popular activity. Good thing our floors are already trashed.
Back in the 1700’s men had all kinds of crap they had to carry around–canes, hats, powdered wigs made out of god knows what kind of hair. I figure cane thumping started because the mens didn’t have two hands free to clap. That belief has no basis in fact but you can pretend it does if you want. Makes sense to me.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hi Jean-
I don’t know what is up with the art world. There’s probably great stuff going on somewhere but it isn’t being juried into shows so I’m not seeing it. That’s an entirely possible and hopeful explanation.

Comment by cathylybarger

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