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Mind your coccyx
March 11, 2008, 10:54 am
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werm and rob

These are my pals Werm and Rob. We drove to Milwaukee together to catch our flight to Mexico. On the way down Rob complained of coccyx (tailbone) pain that resulted from a fall down a flight of ice-covered stairs. I, of course, went “Tee-hee” because, you know, Rob said “coccyx”. I’m pretty sure we all went “Tee-hee” because, you know, Rob said “coccyx”. Maybe it’s just funny when a boy says it.

Then on Saturday I fell backwards on an ice covered driveway and injured my own coccyx. I haven’t been moving around a lot since then and despite the fact that it hurts to wear pants and walk, I still find the word amusing, just not laugh out loud funny. Coccyx. Tee-hee. It’s funny no matter what.

Since it also hurts to sit I’ve been remiss in my listing of stuff on Ebay. Today’s the day, though. I’m feeling much better and I’m ready to go back to work. What a literal and figurative pain in the ass this injury is! Be really, really careful walking on the ice, kids! Mind your coccyx! (Tee-hee.)


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I hope your coccyx (tee hee) is feeling better soon.

I was laid up for a couple weeks and discovered lap-top in bed. Holy Horizontalness. It’s dreamy.

Comment by Lori G

Yes! I was laid up on the squishy couch at home. I’d still be there if the laptop had all the gear for putting up auctions.

The coccyx (tee-hee) is better today. More mobility. As long as I can pick up stuff that I drop on the ground I’m ok to go outside. That’s what I figure. Otherwise, if I drop my keys I’m going to have to wait for Don to come home to let me in. That’s no good.

Comment by cathylybarger

I fell on mine once. i also dropped a giant flwerpot full of cryanthemums on my pelvic bone, and broke the pot!!! while dressed in my underpants and fractured my pelvic bone. but I have probably told you that. i was outside at the time. hurricane hysteria and all. save the flowers!

Comment by jean

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