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Pictures from Mexico
March 3, 2008, 2:55 pm
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balcony view

 Don and I are pretty pro-going someplace warm in the winter now that we’ve done that. The vacation was awesome. We stayed at the Xaman-Ha. Even though we went with 13 other people we had our own space with this view from the balcony. Though the condo complex was sprawling there weren’t all that many people around during the weekdays. It was quiet. Everything was great. We ended up not doing anything at all. The island of Cozumel, where you could snorkel and what not, was a ferry ride away. The day we thought we’d go there was incredibly windy so we hung out at what I came to refer to as “the compound” (a larger condo on the beach where most of the Great Dane people, the booze and the food were located). We hung out there a lot. We swam and drank there and when it was time to eat we wandered into an immense shopping district until we found something interesting to digest and digested it. Always something delicious. I feel like I should have gotten out and done more but I just didn’t feel strongly enough about accomplishing anything once I was in a warm place. Winters in Madison, especially this one, really mess with you. Getting out was enough to make me happy.

So my pictures are not going to be of ruins or fish but rather a bunch of weird whatever that amused or interested me along the way. As I mentioned before my tiny camera took a shit on the first day I got there so may photos were captured by my new tiny camera, a Samsung L730 that we picked up at a nearby Wal-Mart. It didn’t have a huge camera selection and there was that pesky language barrier so I feel pretty lucky to have found something comparable to my Cannon Powershot that I liked so well. Anyways, onto the photos.

fuck you gringo

Because of the serendipity factor, this is my favorite photo from Mexico. I saw the graffiti on this building on the way to the Wal Mart to buy the new camera. We didn’t really know where we were going so it’s entirely possible that we would have missed this one had we not been wandering aimlessly. This is the first picture I took with the new camera. I sat down on the sidewalk and took the camera out of it’s box and then Don walked over toward the building, Wal Mart bag in hand. In retrospect he should have been holding a Starbuck’s cup too. It took three shots to get it right. Directly facing Don and the building were a group of construction workers who may have been amused or disgusted or indifferent. I don’t know. For that reason I plan to re-learn Spanish before I go down there again.

lobby view

This is the view from the lobby of the complex. It is where there is internet access so while I was checking email I was sitting on a large couch enjoying this view. Not sure what happens to wall-less areas like these when there’s a hurricane. Seems like the big wicker couch would get sucked right out. Sure was beautiful.

cute sign

A cute sign on the counter in the lobby of the Xaman Ha. Maracas are festive and so much less “Boy, come here!” than a bell. Seems like it to me, anyway. Probably not to the people who work there.

big wall lizard

Particularly interesting to me was the size of the lizards that hung out on the walls of the Xaman-Ha. There were tiny geckos but also there were iguanas that were a couple of feet long. That would freak me out a little, having one of these crawl up into my space. They were very agile and healthy-looking specimens. Not tame at all. Got a lot of head bobs from this one. Later in the day he crawled into the shutters you see beneath him so just his head was sticking out. Cute!

mexican towel swan

I enjoyed immensely the fact that the towels in our room were folded into swan shapes. How weird is that? I failed to get a picture of the one that was on the toilet as I came upon that one after my camera went down. It was folded into a giant bow.

Whenever I’m somewhere with a poshness that’s above what I’m used to I always think of something Michael Moore said about riding in limos. He wouldn’t ride in a limo because he was afraid of The Revolution happening during the ride and he would be mistaken for a person with means. That’s kind of a passing thought I entertain when I’m staying in a room with swan towels. Except they’re so nifty. I’m going to try to make my own the next time guests stay at our house. The Revolution would never think of looking for persons with means in there.

I guess I’m going to stop hear and maybe get some work done around the studio. More later on.


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all these photos are GREAT!!!

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Thanks Jean!

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