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March 15, 2008, 2:14 pm
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Still I have pictures from Mexico. Rather than letting them continue to gather dust in the image host I shall post them now.

dr taco

Signage is so regulated in Madison. You’re not even supposed to use sandwich boards out on the sidewalk. In Mexico (and practically everywhere else except Madison) signs are wild and free. Some are there to entertain like this Dr. Taco sign. If you want, you can pretend that you are the giant shrimp! Who wouldn’t? We did but the employees of Dr. Taco were too busy to assist.

Don’t you love Dr. Taco? When I first heard of him I imagined that he would be a human sized taco dressed up like a doctor. That concept still makes more sense to me than the one of an actual doctor (who looks a lot like Einstein) who carries a large taco in lieu of a medical bag and has a giant prawn as a sidekick. But nevermind any of that! Dr. Taco is great just the way he is. And this sign is great.

I found another great sign in an aviary near the hotel:

no pinchy!

This brilliant graphic warns against removing plumage from the area. Substitute the bird shape with…well, almost anything and you could have a more all purpose warning advising American tourists just keep their hands off of things. I bet that’s a problem, too, what with all of the cheap booze and the over the counter Vicodin.

There were a lot of anthropomorphic character signs in Mexico.

happy tooth

I love stuff like this. This particular tooth reminds me of a tooth my mom drew a LONG time ago. She used to make filmstrips for VEC Industries. Remember filmstrips? Remember phones that you had to crank to make them go? They are practically contemporaries of one another. Anyway, way back when, my mom illustrated a film strip about dental hygiene. It starred an anthropomorphic tooth named Flory Fluoride. Flory looked like this tooth except he wore a sweater with an “F” emblazoned on it. Even without that filmstrip I probably would have fostered a life long love affair with things anthropomorphic. You never know for sure though.

I have to git on back to the homestead. We are having a triple birthday party tonight for Patrick, James and Bob Foster. They are 57, 37 and 57 respectively. It’s going to be a big one. I hope someone’s bringing food because all we have is booze. I’m making mojitos. There’s mint in those–that’s food, right? Anyway…stop on by if you’re in the area. Should be funzies.


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