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August 14, 2009, 4:06 pm
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So, this blog and the land store aren’t dove tailing real well. I apologize for that. Since summers are so short here, I’m trying to not be in the store or near the computer on days when the store isn’t open. By the time I’m open there’s a pile of stuff to do. Also working against me is the fact that an important part of doing business is knowing when there are people in the store. I can’t really hear people when I’m in the office in front of the computer. I tried to remedy that situation by buying a  motion sensor ‘visitor chime’, but the chime is obnoxiously loud and it goes off several times whenever a truck goes by the store. Trucks go by the store always. Much more often than people. I saw in the chime it’s potential for driving me batshit so I got rid of it. Still not at ease sitting in the office, though. I haven’t even been open a month so I guess there’s still time to work things out.  I’m doing what I can, here, to get a blog writ. Really I am.

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Hi Cathy! Speaking of being off the computer for a while, I sort of fell in a black hole myself for some time here… “real life” got in the way and I was a temporary Luddite (what can I say?) 😛

But I just finished catching up on the back blog entries of yours that I’d missed (sorry about that!) In fact right now I’m still pondering my suggestions for a mixed drink (re: your orange sky entry…) 😉

Anyhoo (as you always say,) my dad had a small optical shop for years, and he had a back room area (which he was often in, working on soldering nosepads or repairing hinges or whatever, when people would come in,) and he didn’t like to be surprised, so he used the simple old-fashioned technique of tying a couple of bells strung on a cord to the door of his front entrance (nothing sets it off except the door opening, which usually happens when customers come in.) Just a cheap and easy suggestion there for you (now, now, no comments about THAT remark!) 😛

Hope that helps? (Just a thought!)


Comment by Annie :)

Bells are an excellent idea. I have had my eye out for them but they’re difficult to find in stores outside of the Christmas season. I bet in a few weeks they’ll be easier to find. They might be in craft stores now, even.

If I had the dough and the space I’d hire a harp player dressed like an aardvark to sit by the door and play every time someone comes in. That would be styley.

Comment by cathy lybarger

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