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Again with the week in pictures
February 7, 2008, 2:04 pm
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We’re all dug out now, back on track, world still spinnin’ round. Things like snowstorms…politics, too…aren’t all that bad so long as you put off experiencing them until it’s absolutely necessary.

Someone or something has been removing snow from both of the sidewalks for which I am responsible (house and store). Maybe it’s someone having fun with their new snow-blower or maybe it’s something mystical. I am fully aware of the blessedness of this development and I want to pay forward to whatever entity is in charge of snow-removal karma, but I don’t know how. I’m not good with winter time random acts of kindness because I don’t like being outside. I’ll try to be extra nice when I’m indoors. Anything to keep the snow off the sidewalk.

I liked the way that week in pictures thing went the other day. It’s an easy way to cover a lot of topics without having to string them together theme wise. So here’s some more stuff:

guy in shorts

Yesterday during the blizzard I walked home from the shop behind a guy wearing shorts. His legs were pink. I hope he’s ok.

spider car

Today: Car with spider themed decals parked outside my house.

Yesterday: I ate a box of Spider Man themed macaroni and cheese. Coincidence?

warning label

Interesting packaging alert: Our dishwasher that was delivered on Monday came with this nifty sticker on the box. There’s a little tube of fluid there that turns red when the package is handled roughly. Isn’t that neat-o? Of course we did not notice the red fluid until long after the delivery guy was gone so it’s kind of a moot point.

elfin brewer

This is an anyonomous individual from the downtown Great Dane during Fat Tuesday festivities. I like his shoes.

That’s it.


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O.K. Last things first.
That anyonomous guy with the stylin’ shoes seems a little too much like Ralph Machio on acid demonstrating a tricky new marshal art involving pints of beer and threatening walls to bring it on. hoooyyyyyaa cha!
Next, and in the category of yet another gimmick ostensably designed to comfort consumers while actually pulverizing them with excess anxiety,…
Wait a minute! Yesterday I saw a rotting corpse in the gutter and got home only to see Bush giving a press conference…oh sorry, that was no coincidence.
And of course you know that people in general don’t realize exactly how warm 25 degrees feels when it’s been minus 25 degrees the previous day. This is especially true when you live at the epicenter of a state that consumes more booze than the next 25 booze consuming states combined.
And finally, when it comes to paying it forward, bloggity blog readers should all realize that Cathy’s good karma was paid for in full long ago. These mysterious snow dissappearances are merely karmic interest payments…

Comment by sp

Awwww…thanks, man.

Comment by cathylybarger

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