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February 1, 2008, 12:26 pm
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pickle pin

I found my pickle pin that has the cockatoo bite out of the forehead. Right off the top I want to say, thank god for people who sign and date their work. It sure clears up a lot of mysteries. Even though the signature on this piece is partially covered with JB Weld glue ( the pin bar fell off at one time and I re-glued it) it is still kind of readable. It looks like it says “FIZZ 04”. So not a Fink. Close though.

Back in the day of the land store I used to buy all sorts of cool work from AOA (Alternative Online Art) searches on Ebay. (That’s how I found the pickle pin.) Often I needed new stuff fast for Gallery Night or whatever. Helpful gallery tip–artwork purchased off of Ebay is often rather small (8×10″ or less) so it doesn’t cost very much to frame it. And, I hate to say it, but it’s usually pretty inexpensive to start out with. So there’s really no downside to buying it, unless of course you live in an igloo and can’t hang stuff on your walls. Or maybe you just don’t like what I like. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but I think you’re missing out.  

The AOA search no longer turns up artists on Ebay but I did find a “My Space” page for them. In the “Friends” section are links to a bunch of folks who do stuff that I like. Probably no one’s making pickle pins anymore but if you get one don’t let the cockatoos see it.


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maybe etsy!!! cool pin!

Comment by jean

This was based on my art , Fizz was a name i gave my X gf –
so it sorta is a fink , n i really like that one , been along time since I seen it

Comment by Gus Fink

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