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I’m warm
February 27, 2008, 2:16 pm
Filed under: Bloggidy Blog

Hey! I’m in Mexico! It’s 80 degrees! There are lizards all over the place! The condo I’m staying in is swanky–the towels are folded into bird shapes. My camera took a shit about 6 hours into the trip so I had to get another one. Cigarettes and booze are so cheap here it isn’t even funny. I only have a couple minutes to blog before Don and I grab lunch and go to an aviary to look at toucans.

I really thought I’d have more to blog about but it isn’t much fun without pictures. Oh, how I got pictures. I’m the whitest person in this complex. Don has the largest beard by far. All of the vendors call him “Senor Whiskers”. ALL of them. Too weird.

The ocean is really warm and salty. There are no bugs here but there are feral cats. Mostly I’m eating, walking, drinking and sitting around in the warm–sometimes all of those things at once. Haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything special. It’s just fun being warm.

I’m going to wander off and look for Senor Whiskers. That would be a good name for a feral cat. Later!


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