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How Carrie eats cake
April 8, 2008, 11:18 am
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At this time, all the younger members of Lost School have girlfriends. Since gals are often prone to bringing some kind of snack to our gatherings, more girlfriends=more cake for me and Don. So we’re pro girlfriend. And pro cake. Anyway, one of these gals, Carrie, came over the other day with some cake which she ate in an extremely clever manner. I’m going to show you how Carrie prepares her cake for eating because I think it will enrich your life. Yet another trillion dollar idea I’m just giving away.

OK. So, you know how it’s kind of messy eating thick sheet-type cake with icing on it? This is assuming you’re eating it with your hands. It’s easy to eat cake using tools but that’s not how we roll at our house. When you eat cake with your hands you have to grab it on the sides thusly so as not to get icing on your fingers:

cake before 

What Carrie did was break off half of the cake from the bottom and then she placed it over the icing so she could get a top/bottom grip on the cake like this:

smart cake eating

Now you can confidently eat cake with your hands. Clever! Do you find this information the slightest bit interesting? I find this new way to eat cake is not just interesting but exciting. I do feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t feel the same.

In other news…I finally pulled my head out and started making a bunch of new beads for the Art Glass and Bead Show this weekend. I’ve amassed quite the pile of wares. I am enjoying working and not dealing with Ebay so much I’m going to take a little break from it until after the show is over. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of stuff leftover to list next week.




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I just eat the frosting off and throw the cake away. then I use some purell if my fingers are sticky. If it is a twinkie: I pare it in half and eat the three blobs of creme and throw the twink away. then I go for the purell again. man I feel sick now!

Comment by jean

see you at the show…I’ll be the one with bags under my eyes and nothing to sell because I haven’t pulled my head out of my ass to get ready. bah!

Comment by acmegirl

As long as you don’t put the twinkie back in the package as though nothing happened, then that’s ok.
I like to unroll Ho Ho’s and eat them that way.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey Acme-
If I can pull my head out anyone can. It was way, way up there.
See you at the show!

Comment by cathylybarger

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