Aardvark Art Glass

the weekend in pictures

Finally, it is warm enough to walk around outside unencumbered by bulky clothing. Experiencing sun is a now definate possibility each day. I feel decidedly less neurotic than I have for about the past four months. My cold is gone too. What a treat!

So, yesterday, me and Don went for a long walk. I saw something strange that I’d like to share with the group. I’ll set it up for you first. On Wilson St. there used to be this music venue called OKay’s Corral. It burnt down may years ago and was never rebuilt so now there’s just a little grassy plain where it used to be. Compared to the surrounding areas the grassy plain is very clean. Nothing in it except a large rock. Maybe someone’s cleaning the area or maybe people just don’t throw garbage there. It’s emptyness and neatness draws you eye when you walk by.

When we walked by the grassy plain yesterday we saw this:

mystery assembledge

I think these objects were placed there so people would notice them. That’s what I’m doing now. We have a painting of a sea scape under broken glass, an empty box of corn flakes and a broken Easter basket. Were I an english teacher I would so make my class write an essay about how this little assembledge came to be. When we went by the plain today the picture and the corn flakes box were gone and the broken Easter basket was perched on the rock. Were I an english teacher I would make my students write an essay about that too.

Here’s what a lot of places in the city look like:

pretty snow

That just looks nasty.

MBA Organic chicken is delicious and expensive…

chicken truck

probably because each one attends graduate school before you eat it.

I was snooping around the dumpsters at Don’s work when I saw this:

smiley refuse

I thought the face in that little…whatever it is…happened accidently but then I saw a bunch more of them on the ground. Bummer. Always on the lookout for food anomolies.

On a completely different topic–wordpress just changed their blog writing template and now…as far as I can tell…spellcheck no longer exists. I have some other gripes about it too but that’s the only one that affects the blog quality. What the hell? I want my spellcheck.


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