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the hell?
April 21, 2008, 2:27 pm
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Here’s something to mull over. Just to give you the whole picture and not take anything out of context, the name “McCain” was lettered off to the side in a similar font, so the whole thing reads “McCain Kill Terrorists”. I left “Mc Cain” out because “Kill Terrorists” and then the pretty flowers are really the best part of this work.

I’m at a loss as to who would draw such a thing. There are very few children and even fewer republicans living downtown. Yet, this appears to be the work of the rarest bird yet: a child being raised by republicans in downtown Madison. I don’t think that’s even possible. Of course I’m working under the premise that this is serious pro Mc Cain sentiment (what with terrorist killing being such a worthwhile endeavor). Maybe it isn’t. If it’s just some smart-aleck impersonating a child being raised by republicans, that’s smart-aleckyness on an uncommonly high level. Hats off.


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it is defnitely the work of outer space aliens, that’s the only viable explanation.

Comment by jean

My God, Jean, That never occured to me. There goes the neighborhood.

Comment by Cathy Lybarger

Cathy, as you know the neighborhood has been “gone” for some time now. That being said I think both you and J.C. are correct.
Let me explain…I strongly believe that there is a secret republican child rearing contingent thriving in the near east Johnson street neighborhood which no one is aware of, and in addition to that the outer space aliens have for a long time considered your neighborhood their territory, thus we have a strange new alliance recently formed between the two previously contending factions in order to wreek havoc amongst the the two previously peace loving factions of madison democrats – I.e. the Obamanites and the Clitonionites. Its all really quite evident in fact given the evidence at hand. Be very very careful…

Comment by sp

I should have suspected this when I found all those copies of The National Review that weren’t in the recycle bin! Evil is afoot and it’s living on East Washington in that former home for troubled teens!EEk!
Good to have you back on the blog, Sean.

Comment by Cathy Lybarger

Thanks Cat, it is good to be heard from once in a while. But, I must confess, I can’t blame the conflation in my post of Jean with J.C. on alcohol, I believe it reallly boils down to plain old fashioned stupidity. So in a round about way of apologizing I have to mention to both Jean and J.C. that any confusion/conflation on the part of some misinformed party is really in fact both edifying and complintary given both the first and second hand reports concerning the character of the aforementioned.
P.S. I believe that this blog community is like fresh mint in the mojito of life…

Comment by sp

Oh Gosh! Every time I read what I’ve posted I can see that I really do have a typing problem. You see, my typing teacher in high school never really taught me the keyboarding equivalent of E-NUN-C-ATE. So, let’s giv’er a go, (deep breath), com-pli-MEN-ta-ry. Whew, sorry about all that…

Comment by sp

Geez, Sean, spelling doesn’t count in the comment section. Text message abbreviations are frowned upon because I don’t know what they mean. I can’t help you if I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Comment by cathylybarger

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