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Fun on a bun.
April 14, 2008, 9:48 pm
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 I had a major setback at the bead show on Saturday morning when I became extremely ill after eating some old pizza for breakfast. For some reason, unlike shrimp dip or chicken salad, I’ve never viewed pizza as being a perishable food item. I eat yester-pizza all the time. Whether it sits out all night or it’s in the fridge it tastes just as delicious as can be expected. Yet, as I found out, in some invisible but fundamental way it isn’t the same at all. At around 10:30 I had to call Don in to take over for me so I could nearly projectile vomit  out of the cab on the way home and then later for real in the privacy of my own bathroom. Don worked the show for me all day on Saturday. And it was busy. He is such a trooper. Right now I’m working on his ass-saving merit badge that later I will affix to his favorite sweater or baseball cap.

As dumb luck would have it, there was a lady at my table shooting a marketing video for the bead show just as I was falling ill. Mostly she was shooting my stuff but right when I stood up and grabbed JC’s phone to call Don I saw she was filming me. By that time I was pretty busy both with sales and with throwing up in the bathroom. Everyone said I looked green. I hope that, for the sake of the promotional value of the video, they edit that part out.

Even with the stomach glitch I had a pretty decent show and a fun weekend. Fun on a bun. At the show I got to sit next to JC Herrell and Jeff Barber. Jeff had the dubious honor of being the only bead show vendor to attend the little soiree we threw on Sat. night at the house. I can’t really go into details, but, that Jeff is really funny. Well, I guess I could go into details but it would cross a line, so I won’t.  JC ended up staying over on Friday and Saturday. She’s currently living in Utah among what sounds like a really interesting combination of hardcore hippies and religious folk who aren’t stingy with the free advice for young ladies who are living in trailers around hardcore hippies. All of JC’s stories indicated (to me, anyway) that the hills of Utah are figuratively bursting with rich, golden blog material that’s going undocumented. My lands, yes. I’m gonna have to go there someday ’cause right now JC is not sitting down long enough to write anything.

By the way and by the way, I listed a bunch of extra, left-over type beads in the Etsy store. Why not go and buy one right now?







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Excellent blog post, friend! I felt so sorry for you being sick at the show… I’m so glad you are all better now. and I had so much fun at your house!! Thank you for having me and sharing your awesome friends and beer with me! Cathy is the bomb folks. (Like y’all didn’t know that!) And she’s right. I’m doing a very poor job documenting my utah adventures. But if that’s what it takes to get Cathy to visit… I’ll keep on not blogging. Sorry. Gonna be selfish that way… more Cathy (and Don) for me that way.

Comment by JC Herrell

Hey JC
At least post that picture of the beer lable. That was a good one. Or you could send it to me and I’ll blog about it for you. I’m not doing anything today except playing with a kneeded eraser and then going to the post office so I’ve got time.

Comment by cathylybarger

Hey! I’ll go with you to Utah! Sounds interesting and I need some juicy blog stuff. Not to mention that I miss JC blogging too.

I got to be with JC and Jeff in Tucson. I’m jealous!

Sorry you were sick. Maybe they can photoshop out the sick and give you some rosey cheeks.

Comment by lori g.

Tickets to Salt Lake City out of Midway are only $222. Woot.

I wouldn’t mind being photoshopped out of the video entirely…or maybe they could replace me with a CGI robot with laser eyes who’s bent on world domination. That would be neat-o.

Comment by cathylybarger

Gah! pizza blows! on so many levels!!!!

when you feel sicj your write a great entry, AArd

Comment by jean

Jim adds: extra cheese, anyone?

Comment by jean

Hi Jean!
My mom called me today to ask if the pizza had anything weird on it because “we do that (eat yester pizza)all the time and we never get sick”. I like the fact that she blames the pizza rather than the fact that I ate it after it had been sitting out all night. Because eating pizza that’s been sitting out all night is perfectly normal. My mom said so. I just wanted to bring that to everyone’s attention. People who cook food for a living have been calling me a dumbass under their breath.

Comment by cathylybarger

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