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Candy and Iron
April 29, 2008, 3:59 pm
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I officially no longer have a telephone in the shop. Sick of the ringing I am. Well, I do still have one but it’s unplugged and it’s going to stay that way.  If you have a phone and you answer it maybe three times a month it kind of ceases to be a phone, right? Really it’s just an object that makes an annoying sound. All day long. Like a malfunctioning smoke alarm or a baby. Why listen to that if you don’t have to?

Now I have to find a new form of exercise because my previous regimine consisted of getting up to look at the caller ID when the phone rang and then not answering it.

In other news, it is winter here again. Since late last week or so. My fortitude and sense of denial is no match for the rest of the folks downtown who refuse to put their winter coats back on. I bet they planted stuff outside too. Optimism. That’s what keeps the nurseries in bidness and the sales of cold remedies up. I’m such an old lady. Put on your coat, young man!

So, anyway, I ain’t been up to much this week. Yesterday I made some cute baby fish:

tiny fish!

I put some of them on Etsy today. That’s about all I did today besides wear my winter coat and unplug the phone.

I guess I’d be remiss if I did not mention that today is my and Don’s sixth wedding anniversary. It started out as an opportunity for free dental insurance and became so much more. While searching for something bloggable to say about this event, I was delighted to find this tableof traditional and modern anniversary gifts. Do you see what it says under ‘sixth’? Candy and iron? Those are practically my two favorite things! And then, if you click on ‘candy and iron’ you find specific recommended gifts such as a branding iron for steaks. WTF? No one, and I mean NO ONE but me is going to want a personalized steak brand for their anniversary. We eat steak, like, never but I’m sure it would work on other stuff…pancakes or something. I’m kind of bummed now that I didn’t research this earlier and insist on a gift. Oh! I see the brand comes up again for the tenth anniversary so there’s still time. It must really be popular.

But back to me and Don. Our friend Rick said the other day that the people you love the most are the ones who don’t hassle you. That’s something I’ve  understood in the back of my mind but never really thought about. Don never hassles me and that’s why I like him so much. And I try not to hassle him. It’s a good thing, too, because I can’t get that steak brand unless we make it to our tenth anniversary.


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Happy anniversary. One thing we found is that anniversaries aren’t really measured by the calendar, but by weirdness. First, it’s weird to be married, then you get over it. Then it’s weird that it’s not weird anymore, then you get over it. Then …
Like a Zen onion, layers of weirdness.
Cute fish. Is a father a mouth brooder?

Comment by phil

Happy anniversary! I’m proud of you for remembering. I always forget my own.

Comment by lori g.

Hi Phil-
marriage is a Zen onion of weirdness. I’m on the layer where I’m starting to be inconvinienced by not taking Don’s last name. And that is weird. Hopefully it will go away or maybe I’ll do the hyphen thing. That would be weird too.

I believe that the fish are related to mouth brooders or perhaps groupers. Something with big lips.

Comment by cathylybarger

I thought it was on the 30th so I did remember, just not that well.

Comment by cathylybarger

O.k., this photo reminds me of an eBay auction… go look at #360041638299 (do you need this for your house? Does it go with the yellow sink?) Well, just a thought! (And I don’t know this seller or know anything about the knob artist, just saw it and your pic here and thought, HEY!) 😉


Comment by Annie :)

HI Annie-
THat’s a nice knob-what’s mot to like about a yelllow fish? Our doors and drawers are all full up though. Thanks for thinking about the house!

Comment by cathylybarger

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