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April 19, 2010, 12:34 pm
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Hello. I’m back. Got a vending license now, got drapes, got a pile of jewelry made.

Working on the show today. I threw everything I had so far up on the wall to give you an idea of how it’s coming along. I’ve got about 12 wall pieces and a bunch of little stuff. Red tablecloth, red drapes, plenty of room for Robin’s TP. It looks sharp, as does John Larriva’s Hell Monkey:

Two brand new Wisconsin-themed Denny Pinkhams too. I picked up that print of John Goodman a couple weeks ago at a show next door. Not Regretsy, but I really like that print. And it’s red. Hope no one minds if it’s in there. Not pictured are 5  Obama eggs and  the Charlie Manson pillow case. Still waiting on one more print and then I’m probably going to buy some soap and that’s about it.

I have to run around now. Be back later.


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This looks like fun!

Comment by Mary

You should show up! May 7, 5-9 pm. There will be some kind of chocolates that bleed when you bite into them.

Comment by cathylybarger

Who could say no to bloody chocolates? Probably not me! But, I will be working :(. How long will the show be up?

Comment by Mary

Love your latest Facebook picture of my Ice Cream Headache Headband on your Phrenology head next to the stack of Regretsy books!

Have a swell time tomorrow night at your opening 🙂

Comment by Cybele

I’m glad you saw it! The second wig stand is coming tomorrow–then I’ll have both up. I’m so tired right now. I just made ham rolls and a cheese tray. I think the weather is going to be sucky. We should have a crowd anyway. I’ll Facebook the pictures as I get them!

Comment by cathylybarger

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