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May 5, 2009, 3:26 pm
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I been quiet lately. Mostly I’ve been busy cranking out little bead sets. It’s not as horrible as I thought it would be, the set making, but it’s kind of slow going. Beads keep bouncing away when I clean them and my bead reamer is bald. But enough about my problems.

Hey-here’s big news for me: In June I’ve got two metal smiths, Missy and Sarah, moving their benches into my shop. Equipment! And company! And one of them is a bartender! And the other one likes reptiles! What’s uncommonly wack-a-doo about the whole thing is that, with three people here, we could actually open the store seasonally and get back on the gallery walk. The memory of participating in that is far enough in the past that it actually seems like a good idea again. Who. Would. Have. Thought. The space is going to be about 75% studio but there’s room for people to walk around and I’ve got cases and whatever for our junk that’s for sale. So that might work. We will know soon…


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Shop open again? Fun. Have to stop by if we get back that way.
But … a bald bead reamer? Conjures up all manner of visions.

Comment by phil

Wouldn’t that be kooky, my being open? Of course you would have to stop by.

A bead reamer is a little diamond drill bit that you attatch to a Dermmel tool. You use it to clean bead seperator out of bead holes. I’m trying to make mine last until Bead and Button when I can pick up a new one. Bead makers will know what a bitch it is when your bead reamer is bald.

Comment by cathylybarger

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