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How sand gets into clam chowder
January 23, 2012, 1:00 pm
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I got sick again last week. I got my first post-treatment cold in late November. I didn’t mention it because, who cares, really? After being sick so much last year the anticipation of getting that first cold is harder to deal with than the cold itself. Then last week I caught a flu or something, got sick again and it really did not bother me. I figure my immune system is probably less than it should be and I’ll probably catch whatever is going around for a while. In short, I think I’m getting good at being sick. It used to really piss me off but now, not so much.

Anyway, what was unusual about this bout was that 1) It was kind of mean and 2) Don had the same thing at the same time so we got to stay at home together and watch daytime television. It was much better than being sick by myself. For one or more reasons, fever and large doses of Ny Quil among them but also because Don was there,  I was laughing my ass off about everything almost all of the time. The laughter triggered explosive bouts of coughing, followed by body spasms and raspy wheezing. I figured that whatever was so goddamn funny when I sick might prove useful later on so I kept a notebook by the couch and chronicled my brilliant narcotic ideas.

Well, that notebook idea turned out to be pure gold. I’m going to show you a little comic I drew that made me laugh so hard and so long that I coughed up absolutely everything that was in my lungs. Backstory: Food did not taste very good when I was sick so I wasn’t eating much-I subsisted for many days on Ny Quil and a large bag of sour gummy bears. Then on Wednesday or so Don made a can of Chunky Clam Chowder and I decided to share it with him. It was awful, and it made Don pine for the clam chowder at his place of employment which he claims is the best clam chowder around. “There’s always a little sand in it,” he said. We agreed that a bit of sand is a hallmark of great chowder, or at least one that contains real clams.

I asked him if he knew how the sand got into the chowder. He knew, but he seemed to want to hear my theory anyway so I drew the following cartoon:

The original drawing was almost illegible so I had to re-draw it on the computer. I think I’m almost done laughing at that, now.


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Now I’m laughing. Just think of the clam chowder beads … or metalwork.
And you’re closer than you may think. Look up “pseudofeces”.

Comment by phil

this is you at your best. I am sorry about your cold though

Comment by jean yates

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