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New year name and Foster got married
January 11, 2012, 12:53 pm
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WordPress sent me an end of year blogging summary the other day informing me that I wrote 17 posts in the past year. As they want me to continue my subscription, it was a very supportive email replete with virtual exploding fireworks and lots of detailed information about which posts were the most popular and who commented most frequently. (In case you’re wondering, Phil and Jean commented more than anyone and a post I wrote at least three years ago about Pop Tarts was the most viewed.) The staying power of Pop Tarts. Just a reminder that you never know what people are going to find interesting. Hopefully, I’ll top 17 posts this year and WordPress will be really proud of me.

But back to the New Year thing…last weekend at yet another party we picked a New Year name. Also at the party-this is news-my longtime pal Bob Foster married his longtime companion Margaret. Here’s a picture of Bob begging Margaret to come out of the bathroom:

And here’s a picture of the happy couple

As weddings and parties go, it was a good one. Don preformed the ceremony and I, as maid of honor, gave Margaret the option of either having T-Bone attend the ceremony or having dancing cigarette box attend the ceremony. She choose T-Bone. Who wouldn’t? I thought it would be a good idea, in lieu of a throw-able bouquet and also because no one else in the room had any interest in getting married, for Margaret to throw one of my old wigs to the waiting crowd behind her. So during the vow exchange I held a wig in one hand and a live hedgehog in the other. Later, when the wig was thrown, people scattered and it landed silently on the floor. Everyone applauded and that startled T-Bone who got all wiggly. I had to put him in his cage after that. Such was the wedding of Bob and Margaret.

After all that, while everyone was still around to put their two cents in, we decided that 2012 was going to be the year of Tuckin’ Yer Nuggets and Weathering the Storm. It’s good advice for any year, really.


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The wedding was lovely and my nuggets are tucked. Life is GREAT!

Comment by gianofer

Hooray! I’m so happy you commented! Neither Erika or I could remember how to spell your name and since you’re incognito on Facebook we were addressing our love letters to “G”, which made us feel silly. Of course, we could have asked you how to spell it, but that would have taken effort.

Comment by cathylybarger

Well, I thought I hardly ever posted.
So, if this is the Year of Tucking Yer Nuggets and Weathering the Storm, is that being hopeful? Given the weather so far …
Or do you mean the election? Could be prophetic.

Comment by phil

I guess the name is more cautionary than hopeful. Tucking yer nuggets is sound advice at any time. I thought the name was appropriate for
1) The election
2) The weather, which only turned on us the other day
3) Life in general
Pretty much in that order.
Initiate tucking sequence!

ps. I believe wordpress said you commented 15 times, so you get the 2011 gold commenting star.

Comment by cathylybarger

About freaking time! Congratulations Foster!

Comment by rob

I know, right?

Comment by cathylybarger

Darn that Bob. he is a HOTTIE. she is lucky. I wish them a lifetime of happiness amd beyond. Bob. you know me, I am the Abe Lincoln fan.
Glad T bone attended, xox jean

Comment by jean yates

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