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Look at this thing
October 20, 2011, 2:03 pm
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It’s my port-the one that was in my chest for a year. It was removed this morning! The thing probably cost a couple of grand so I figured after it was removed I’d take it home and turn it into the most expensive piece of jewelry I’ve ever made.

Isn’t it brightly colored? Isn’t that weird? I’m sure I saw a picture of it before they put it in but I must not have been paying attention. Purple and blue were a surprise, but, you know what’s really surprising, gross, but kind of cool about port removal? OK, the purple thing was down near my boob and the blue tube was attached to my jugular vein. When they took out the port, they made an incision near the purple part, lifted that out and then gently pulled the tube out or off of my jugular vein, which was a good 6 inches away. And that worked-they didn’t need to stitch the vein closed or anything-it just came right off and I didn’t bleed to death. They applied pressure, of course, but I was expecting something more involved. That blows my mind. It’s almost as though they could have tied one end of the port to a doorknob and then slammed the door-that’s how simple it was. I have to say the disengaging of the tube freaked me out, but by the time I realized that was what they were doing the procedure was mostly over. I’m glad I didn’t ask a lot of questions ahead of time, because that would have made me anxious.

So, no more treatment. Anymore. For real. I have to get back to work.







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Congratulations!!!! i wish I had thought of that with my daughter’s port. That would have been a fabulous piece of jewelry! Let’s see photos when you are finished!

Comment by Mallory

My friend Missy is a really talented goldsmith and she works out of my shop. I’ve been meaning to have her teach me how to do silver soldering for years. I’m finally going to learn how for this piece-something with an open back bezel and little prongs to hold the tube. It should be pretty cool!

Comment by cathylybarger

Congrats on moving on. I hear you on wanting to do something with that port. I work with surgical instrumentation and I am always eyeing stuff for jewelry. I am always delighted when I can get some glio balls.

Comment by Mary

Surgical instruments and medical doo-hickeys are neat. I wanted to watch what they were using on my chest but my doctor told me I might get poked in the eye if I didn’t turn my head to the side.

What the heck are gilo balls? I Google imaged it and all I saw were rugby players.

Comment by cathylybarger


Comment by phil

You know it!

Comment by cathylybarger

How amazing to be on the other end of it all. I’m so glad for you. SO GLAD.

Comment by katemckinnon

Thanks Kate! I feel like a million bucks. SO happy to be done!

Comment by cathylybarger

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