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look how cute
June 13, 2011, 2:23 pm
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I’ve been waiting to have a picture of something to post here. Not much has been going on. Business is at a slow crawl. I started doing some wholesaling to the Cave of the Mounds gift shop. That might be the best gig ever. Kudos to the gift shops that buy local artwork at a decent price. You don’t see that everyday.

In other news: I am obsessed with T-Bone now. He’s always been pretty great but recently I found out he likes going outside and digging in the grass. Outside used to freak out all of our other hedgehogs, but T-Bone just sniffs and digs and sits on his ass right out in the open. If you wait long enough he’ll make a nest and go to sleep in the Creeping Charlie. Sometimes he sniffs with such vigor I can’t get a picture of his face in focus.  So, we’ve been doing that every day, going outside, and it is a blast. I want to take him down by the lake next and see if he likes that. I would like that, very much.

Boy, I sure wish I could think of something to say. My brain is working really well right now. That’s news. Unfortunately, I have nothing to chat about so I can’t dazzle you with my newly-found thinking powers. Maybe next time.


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this is such an adorable photo it deserves a t shirt! don’t forget that mag doesn’t come out til the fifthteenth.
love, jean

Comment by jean yates

Hi Jean!
That’s tomorrow! I’m going to get some stuff up in the Etsy store in case anyone looks. Thanks for writing the article-you are great!

Comment by cathylybarger

Your brain is working after the chemicals, don’t worry about not coming up with brilliant new thoughts. It’s probably working on great new T-Bone in the Creeping Charlie (or lake) ideas that it hasn’t told you about yet.


Comment by phil

I think my head is clogged with hedgehogs. I’ve been making hedgehog beads and fused pins. I colored in a picture of him with Photoshop but the way he’s laying down…it kind of looks like he got run over so I’m not going to print that one. I missed that guy over the winter, is what it is.

Comment by cathylybarger

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