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May 25, 2011, 4:20 pm
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Hey everyone. Compared to going to the doctor everyday, there isn’t much going on right now, so I guess I’ll tell you about my hair. It’s growing back! It’s very dense and soft, kind of like a mink. You’d think that would be great, being like a mink, but my hair is also very dark now and it’s growing into a very pronounced widow’s peak that makes me look a little like Eddie Munster. I think it’s frightening but everyone tells me it looks great. Only one of us can be right on this one, which is why I wear a hat. The hat makes me look like a newsboy or perhaps a hip tambourine player. Improvement? I don’t know. I did notice this morning that, all grooming activity being moot, it only takes me about 9 minutes to get dressed and get to work, so that’s a good thing.

The other day I came home and saw Don talking to our former landlords. They are still our chums even though we haven’t rented from them in years. They had  trapped squirrel in the back of  their truck:

That was one anxious critter. Don and I were awakened the other day by what sounded like a squirrel raising hell in our attic. Having come to the party late, I assumed the trapped squirrel was the offending one, but it turns out the landlords just happened to have a trapped squirrel in the back of their truck when they stopped by to say “Hello”. That was a weird coincidence.

We had a rapture party on Saturday, just in case. A few day’s later Don’s half-eaten sandwich disappeared from the refrigerator. Someone from the Sandwich Rapture Committee left a note:

Keep an eye on your half-eaten sandwiches-apparently, this is not a drill.


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Glad one of us has mink hair. mine looks like trapped squirrel.

You shoukd be appearing in AU Beading in this June’s issue, which comes out June 15th. I am so happy with this interview! Of course, you and I will not get to see the mag for around 6 months. ARGH!

love you, jean

Comment by jean yates

I have to say, this rapture picture just made me laugh so hard. Thanks for sharing. 😀

Comment by booksandasummergirl

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