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April 8, 2011, 2:10 pm
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SO, so! I had my last radiation treatment today. Fucking hooray. The techs say that my skin looks really good, considering all the treatments- I don’t have any peeling or blistering at all. That makes me feel lucky but also makes me think that my boob might have some weird power that wards off radio-active rays. Perhaps now I can be useful–everybody, stand behind me when the solar flairs start.

Here’s a picture of a cast paper piece I made:

I’m working on a few of these with my mom, who knows her way around cast paper. They’re made out of jute (twine), paper pulp and fiber reactive dye. It’s basically a very thick sheet of handmade paper with stuff in it. This one still needs to be cut from the wood frame and framed in something else. Then it will look cool.

I’m working on painting the store next week, since that hasn’t been done since 1995. It feels great to have more time to do stuff, finally. Now I’m off to have a victory beer!


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I’m really glad to hear that you are finished with radiation treatment. You are a hell of a nice lady, and you deserve a break. L’chaim (“to life”),
Nancy Levine

Comment by Nancy Levine


Comment by Mallory

WTG!!!! I’m so happy to hear that your skin held up. You too! Love the cast paper.
hugs, Robin

Comment by Robin

Hi Cathy, I’m a long time fan of your work and recently visited your blog and read the posts about fighting breast cancer. Your humorous posts touched me. Though I haven’t had BC, my sister has been fighting it for almost 18 years. I, in some real way, understand where you’ve been and relate to the way you’ve shared the information. I’ve directed a couple people to your posts because they CAN relate. I just felt the need to reach out and tell you I’m thinking of you and am glad you are finished with radiation and looking forward. With Love, Deb Spence

Comment by Deb Spence

Good! Glad it’s over, and hope it stays done with.

According to all the comics, you have nothing to wonder about unless your boob turns green or develops a compulsion to wear brightly colored spandex.

Happy back to a weirdly normal life.

Comment by phil

Cathy, I am SO glad to hear the radiation treatments are OVER!! Congratulations!
That’s some fine artwork you created too. Keep up the great artwork.
You are so special to so many people and your critters too.
Phil might be right about that spandex….
Take great care of yourself–

Comment by Suzy Hoff

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