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February 23, 2011, 4:21 pm
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Got my first radiation treatment today. Scored two cups of coffee and a muffin. Know what was weird about the treatment–they had this radiation oncology mix tape playing while the machines did their thing and one of the songs on it was the Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire”. That’s pretty funny, right? “Play With Fire” was the only heat or fire related number I heard, so maybe they just overlooked it–it could have been on a radio station for all I know. They should have had Arthur Brown’s “Fire” in the queue. That would have been awesome.

So, anyway, 29 more radiation appts. to go. Or 29 muffins. Should be done in April. If anything funny happens, I’ll let you know.


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So I’m *not* the only person in the world who know’s Arthur Brown’s “Fire”!
Yeah. Should’ve been in the song que.

Comment by phil


Comment by phil

Arthur Brown is a madman. He really should be enjoyed on the You Tube as he is something to see.
Today there was no music in the radiation room. (Sad face). I was in and out in about 5 min. 28 appts. left!

Comment by cathylybarger

It’s just like you to focus on the muffins, although you are no Pollyanna. I’m hoping that the worst is behind you now,

Comment by Nancy Levine

Hi! I have no fire songs…I can’t believe it because fire is a perfect song word. Muffin on the other hand is not a great song word unless you are part of a Pillsbury ad.
Let me know how you are feeling. I want to know how much you are working and whether or not to schedule you for AU Beading, or wait. You look like you have been making quite a few beads! I was happy to see that. Let me know how the effects of this radiation feel. You are very very tough. I know you must be tired. I am so proud to know you. xox jean

Comment by Jean

ahahahaha Jim used to sing that arthur brown song ALL THE TIME

Comment by Jean

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