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February 16, 2011, 1:46 pm
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I’ve been sitting around enjoying not thinking about chemo, for once. I still have the deadly radiation to do. Starting next week, I have to go to the behemoth UW Hospital every day for 6 weeks.  I went there on Monday to get “Mapped” for radiation. It was painless and uneventful. But, you know what sucked was having lab work done there. At UW Health, where I got my chemo, you can wander into the lab any time day or evening and you’re out in moments. At the hospital they give you one of those vibrating coasters like they have when you’re waiting for a table in a restaurant.  It can take a half-hour before any vibrating happens. And all the people around you, of which there are many, look as though they could transmit some kind of disease to you pretty easily. Or you them. So getting a lab test at UW Hospital really sucks but the radiation area is nice-they have coffee and tiny muffins there. They ought to spread those around and haul a muffin tray up to the people waiting for labs. They could use some cheering up. I’m going to suggest that on the next “How are we doing?” evaluation they send me.

I’m pretty sure that chemo killed a wart on my knee. It had been there for years and now there’s just a white spot. So, if you’re warty and you get cancer, that might perk you up a bit. It does me.

Not much else to say. I’m feeling much better now. Thoughts turning to the twin joys of taxes and garbage removal.  That’s about it.


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You seem to find bright spots everywhere!

Comment by Mallory

Well, I really didn’t like that wart. I didn’t even notice it was gone until the other day, so it was a nice surprise. One less thing to pick at when I’m wearing shorts.

Comment by cathylybarger

Cathy, that’s a very interesting comment about the wart–who needed it anyway?
Keep up the good work—you are amazing.
I hope your critters are doing well too.

Comment by Suzy Hoff

Well, you might miss picking at that wart, come to think of it

Comment by Suzy Hoff

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