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February 5, 2011, 1:52 pm
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I finished chemo on Monday. Yay! I felt like CRAP this week-mostly nauseous and cold. Last week on the 24th or something I got a red blood cell transfusion, which was great. If anyone asks you if you want a red blood cell transfusion you should say “Yes,” because they really do make you feel swell and your skin gets pink again. Then the swell goes away. So does the pink, but it’s not forever.

God, you guys, my nose is just pouring everywhere. Out of control. I want to get some of that eyelash growing solution and jam it up there to see what happens. Having lost almost all my hair, which is bad because I’m cold all the time but not bad because my skin is super soft now, I have to say that the nose hairs are far and away the most important hairs on the body. Nose hairs! How I miss ye! Of all the hairs their absence is also the most difficult to disguise. I am fighting the urge to buy eyelash grower with all my might.

So not much else is new here. It’s snowy like it is everywhere. I had this idea to turn our front porch into White Trash Ice castle by stealing icicles off our neighbor’s houses and fusing them to our porch railing and floor. Sort of like something Andy Goldsworthy would do if he were the impulsive sort. And maybe a drinker. It’s actually a really good idea but I’m too tired to pull it off.  I just though I’d mention it because I had an idea.


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Congratulations, Cathy! I am really happy for you. And, while I am add it, I hope that you experience the regrowth of your nose hairs real soon.

Comment by Nancy Levine

Congratulations! Now your job is to get better. Take care of yourself!

Comment by Mallory

So glad you are moving on, I am sure you will be feeling much better soon. Also, I hope your nose hairs return and save you from public embarrassment.

Comment by Mary


Congrats on finishing chemo!

I’m going to devote a significant amount of my spare time focusing positive vibes on your nose hair growth. It may be hard to fine tune this effort, so I’m hoping things don’t go awry and end up creating a need for you to buy nose hair styling products.

Anyway, thanks for providing me with a new perspective on my own nose hair, which has heretofore gone unappreciated and been much maligned. The things we come to find out in this life, huh?

Hope you feel stronger and better every day.


Comment by Idel

Hey Cathy, want a transplant? I’ve got a superfluity of noise hairs – also ear hairs if you want fun, decorative tufts. (A bonus for the aging male.)
Then there’s all the face stuff, it’s still there.

Comment by phil

Did you guys see the Google Ad for Trichotillomania treatment on my blog? Not woefully inappropriate, just the exact opposite of what I’m shopping for. I knew they’d start doing that again if this blog got any hits.

Thanks for the well-wishes and the offers of hair!

Comment by cathylybarger

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