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I’m, up. I’m up.
January 6, 2011, 12:31 pm
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Went to the doc on Monday to get Herceptin and a blood count. Turns out I had zero Neutrophils which means I was running around with no immune capabilities at all. You just never know-I didn’t feel horrible or anything. I had a cold so they gave me some big antibiotics for people who get Anthrax. They didn’t think I had Anthrax or anything, they just wanted to wipe out whatever was there. I was really tired I had to sit in bed all week and not be around people. I’m feeling pretty good now.

T-Bone the hedgehog came downstairs to sleep on my foot last night. He didn’t actually come down willingly-I held him to my chest while I slid down the stairs on my butt. T-Bone is not down with that form of transportation. I don’t blame him–it’s pretty bouncy. I don’t like it much either. He’s a good sport.

Well, if I think of something to say, I’ll let you know. There is zero going on here.


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geesh! You are one of the most amazing people– no complaining or anything. I think you are EXTRAORDINARY.

PS: I forgot to tell you your creations which represent red and white blood cells and etc. are remarkable. No one but you would ever express herself so artistically and make it so vivid to others to grasp. xox jean

Comment by Jean

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